How to sort notes on iPhone or iPad by dates or by titles

The application of Notes on iOS has become a very powerful tool In the latest versions. This has made many times we use it to write any type of text: a reminder, a list of tasks, an article, a scanned document, annotations that will serve us for later, etc.

Therefore, this means that the huge number of notes that we begin to have in our team can be chaos. Hence, having our annotations organized as well as possible will always help us to work better from our iPhone or iPad. So we decided to tell you how to sort your notes by titles or dates.

When they enter the app «Notes» of your iPhone or iPad, you will have a complete list of the annotations that you have carried out in recent times. Remember in the same way that you can have the complete list of notes that you want to share with the other teams that make up your work tools through iCloud, such as having a specific list on your iOS device. Likewise, With the sort that we are going to propose, you will have the content of both folders sorted in the same way; in the same way that you decide to order all of it.

To get your notes sorted by titles or dates you must go to «Settings» from iOS. There you will have to scroll down and get to where the native iOS applications are listed and search for “Notes”. Enter your options. Once inside you will see that there are quite a few alternatives. Well, the only one that interests us right now is the one that refers to «Sort notes by» in the «Display» section.

By default, in iOS you will be marked the alternative of ordering your messages – or written in general – by edition dates; that is to say: they will be ordered as you edit; The last edited note will be the first to appear. But you will verify that you have two more options: "Creation date" or "Title". In the first one, the annotations will be ordered according to the first edition date – although it will be edited later, this will not change its position – while ordering the notes by titles you will get the notes to be sorted in alphabetical order.

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