How to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes many ways to do it

Do youHow to transfer music to iPhone? It is no secret that there are many users who do not get along with iTunes. The program that manages the multimedia content of Apple is very good and serves us to do virtually anything, but not everyone thinks the same. Many of you have a hard time doing one of the most basic tasks, such as pass music from your computer to your iPhone without iTunes.

If you asked me what you have to do to transfer music from a computer to the iPhone without iTunes, I would answer "learn to use iTunes". And it is not a bad answer because once we get to it we don't want anything else, but I understand that you don't want to touch iTunes with a stick. And it really is not mandatory. There are many ways to transfer iPhone data without iTunes, and in this article I will explain several ways on how to transfer music to the iPhone without having to use the native Apple player. And best of all, most methods are free. You have them all explained below.

How to put music on iPhone without using iTunes

If what you want is to know how to put music on iPhone Without using iTunes, below you will find several alternatives to the Apple program with which you can do it without problems.

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With PhoneTrans

With PhoneTrans we can transfer music and other data to the iPhone without iTunes. It is an intuitive application and very simple to use, but you will have to use a computer. Anyway, there are the steps that you will have to follow:

  1. We click on Music.
  1. We click on the symbol of sum (+).
  1. We choose the song (s) we want to transfer and click on Open.
  2. We wait for the transfer to finish.

As you can see, it can't be easier. The good thing about using PhoneTrans to pass music to the iPhone is that It's fast, simple and free. But it has a point that for me is very negative: music does not get into the artist that it should, but it does in the artist "unknown album".

It is true that then add the cover and the name of the disc inside correctly, but it is not the same for people like me who like to have all this more orderly. And, if you want a perfect library, I think it is best to use iTunes. PhoneTrans is one of the best options if you don't want to complicate your life or spend a penny.

If you wish, you can also use Phonetrans for reverse operation, that is, transfer the music from the iPhone to the computer.

PhoneTrans Download

How to transfer music to iPhone without using the Lightning cable

In case you want to know how to transfer music to iPhone without using the cable Lightning, we offer you these other methods so that you depend solely and exclusively on the WiFi connection:

With Jukebox

Since the beginning of the year, a free application called the App Store is available Jukebox. It is a very easy to use application that will allow us to download music to our iPhone that we have previously uploaded to Dropbox. The process would be as follows:

  1. Logically, if we do not have the application downloaded, the first step is to go to the App Store, search for Jukebox and install it (although it could also be the second step).
  2. We go to any application that allows us to upload songs to Dropbox. The most logical thing is to pick up a computer, open a web browser, access Dropbox and upload the songs there. If you want to better control what you upload, it may be a good idea to create a folder called "iPhone Music", "Jukebox" or something similar.
  3. We open Jukebox.
  4. We play in Import Music From The application will detect if we have files in .mp3 or .wav format and will offer us the possibility to download them.
  5. We download them to our iPhone or iPod Touch (at the time of writing these lines is not available for iPad).
  6. And finally, we reproduce it.

The bad thing is that we will not be able to play the music in the native Apple application. The good thing is that Jukebox includes a player which will allow us to control our entire music library. And all this, free.

With Apple Music

Another way to pass music without using iTunes or the Lightning cable is to use the cloud that uses the service that Apple launched the summer of 2015. But one thing must be taken into account: to use Apple Music you must be subscribed to the service, or either with the individual modality that has a price of € 9.99 / year or the family version for € 14.99 / year. That said, Apple Music includes an option to download any song or disc that they have available in their service, as well as we can download the music that we have in our iTunes and it has synchronized with the iCloud library.

Downloading Music from Apple Music is very simple and will depend on whether we already have it in our library or not:

  • If we want to download music that let's have in our library of iCloud, we will have to touch on the three points (…) that are next to each song or disc and then on the cloud icon with the down arrow.
  • If the song we don't have it in our library of iCloud, instead of the cloud symbol we will see a sum symbol (+). When you touch it, you will add it to our library. Once added, we will see the cloud with the arrow down and we can download it to listen offline.

How to transfer songs to iPhone by WhatsApp

Unfortunately, WhatsApp was the first messaging application to appear, but it is also the slowest in its development. At this time (March 2016), at least in the iOS version does not allow sending or receiving songs by Whatsapp. Recently they released an update that allows us to send PDF documents and soon more types of files can be sent, but we will still have to wait for a new update. Sooner or later, WhatsApp will be compatible with sending any type of files.

If the time comes when we are allowed to send music via WhatsApp, applications such as Workflow. To receive it, although we can surely play it from the application itself, what might interest us is to save the songs, so we would need some compatible application, such as the player VLC or any player compatible with audio files.

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Can you transfer music to iPhone via Bluetooth?

Do not. Apple is a company that looks a lot for the safety of its customers and Bluetooth is an obsolete technology (to send files) that can also be dangerous. This is something I have been saying for a long time, when a phone from my sister-in-law was trying to send my brother (her husband) a file via Bluetooth when the phone was alone. In other words, a virus was trying to send itself to other devices when nobody was touching it. Logically, the receiver saw that an acquaintance wanted to send him a file, he would accept it and become infected.

Explained this, to pass music to the iPhone we need to use the official tool if we want to play it in the native iOS application. If not, we can always use applications such as Dropbox or Jukebox.

Alternatives to listen to offline music on iPhone


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When we talk about alternatives, the first of which we have to talk about being multiplatform and being very extended is Spotify. Surely you already know the service, since it is the one with the largest number of users but, in case it happens that you have been on a desert island and you only know the service that Apple launched last summer, I will say that Spotify is what same as Apple Music, with the possibility of listening to music offline, with suggestions, with the possibility of creating lists but, what is better and something that Apple does not offer, is multi platform. Without a doubt, Spotify is a great option for those who are looking for how to transfer music to the iPhone without complicating it excessively.

Spotify is available for Windows, for Linux, for Mac, for Android, for iOS and also on other devices, such as set-top boxes and even consoles. Regarding the number of files, Spotify is round 20 million songs, more or less the same as Apple Music. In that amount we can find practically everything, although it is also true that there are some artists who have leaned more for the Apple service for not offering any free modality, as is the case with some Taylor Swift content.

Google Play Music

Although you may not like the idea, Google also offers the possibility to upload our songs to a free service that allows us upload 50,000 songs, which assures us that we can keep your entire music library at your service, or at least in the vast majority of cases.

We can upload our songs just as we would to any cloud and to play it, logically, we will need to have the application Google Play Music installed on the device where we want to hear it.

On the other hand, it also has a subscription mode that has the same price of € 9.99 per month that Spotify or Apple Music also have. The bad thing is that, if you plan to pay, Google's service is far from offering the amount of songs offered by Spotify or Apple's streaming music service, so I would not recommend it.


Now that you've seen how to transfer music to iPhone In many ways, the best one is the official one, which is to use iTunes. If you do not want to use the Apple tool, you will have to look for alternatives, each with its pros and cons. What is your preferred method to add songs to the iPhone?

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