How to uninstall apps automatically that you don't use on your iPhone or iPad

With the arrival of iOS 11 to our mobile devices – iPhone or iPad – some interesting functions arrived that would make it easier for us to manage and manage the equipment. True, there were also some headaches such as excessive battery consumption in old equipment. However, on the other hand, issues such as be able to free internal storage space automatically I also saw the light with this version of the platform.

It is true that the current models sold by Apple, have little to do with yesteryear where 16 GB versions, for example, were the order of the day. Currently filling the internal memory of an iPhone or iPad is much more complicated. Even so, if you are one of those who does not regularly synchronize photographs, videos, documents, etc. Or, of those who install applications that are later forgotten, this function that we are going to comment on may interest you.

It's about the function «Uninstall unused apps». This possibility that Apple recently introduced on computers with iOS 11, is the smartest and most efficient way to get extra space. By default, it is deactivated and you will have two ways to start it. Moreover, the device itself – iPhone or iPad – will inform you of how much extra space you would gain if you activate the function. But let's see what routes we have to activate it.

Activate function ‘Uninstall unused apps’ through General

The first of the ways that we are going to leave you will be done through the storage information found in the «General» menu. That is, we must address Settings> General> iPhone / iPad storage and look for the "Uninstall unused apps" function.

Activate function ‘Uninstall unused apps’ through iTunes Store and App Store

The second way of activating this interesting function of iOS 11 is through the «Settings» menu. But in this case we get into the menu that refers to the iTunes Store and App Store application stores. That is, we must follow the following route: Settings> iTunes Store and App Store> Uninstall unused apps.

How could you see, both ways are easy to find. Also, one of the interesting things is that even if the team erases applications, information and documents will be saved in case you want to reinstall the application in the future shift. That way, all stored data will be restored automatically. Of course, from the function you are already notified that all this will happen as long as the application continues in force in the application store.

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