How to use Apple Pay in Spain with your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac

Tomorrow is the day that Apple Pay will begin to be a reality in Spain. So far we have talked a lot about this mobile payment system, but we have never been able to use it. At the time of its launch, it will be limited (in the absence of official confirmation) to Banco Santander, but it is expected that new entities will be added soon and the system will be extended to other banks and card issuing entities. The question is required:How do I add my credit or debit card to Apple Pay? How do I pay using Apple Pay? It is very simple and we detail the steps below.

Requirements to activate Apple Pay on your iPhone

The first thing we need is that the service is already active (at the time of writing this article is not yet) and have a compatible card, in addition to having an Apple Pay compatible device. Compatible iPhone models are the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. You can also use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch or on your Mac if you have macOS Sierra installed, but adding the cards must be done from the iPhone, so we will focus on this device for the tutorial.

How to add a debit or credit card

We must open the Wallet application, that app that we sure have in an almost forgotten folder but that from now on we must take into account. When opening it we will see that a new option appears at the top: Apple Pay. By clicking on “Add credit or debit card” the Apple Pay configuration menu will appear and we can scan our card with the camera or enter the data manually. After a couple of screens in which we will be asked for some information such as the expiration date or the security code, we will already have our card added. This procedure can be repeated several times to add several compatible cards.

A new menu will also appear in Settings, just below "iTunes and App Store" where we can configure Apple Pay and add new cards. The only option we have for configuration is to activate that by pressing the start button twice with the iPhone locked Apple Pay opens to select the card and make the payment, something that is recommended to have activated so that paying with the iPhone is faster and easier.

Pay using Apple Pay from your iPhone and Apple Watch

Once we have the cards added, paying is very simple. As long as the business has a compatible terminal we can use Apple Pay, and it does not need to be compatible with Apple service, just be "Contactless", something quite common in our country. Press the start button twice, select the card with which we want to pay and bring the iPhone to the payment terminal. The identification is done by Touch ID, it is not necessary to enter any code or the signature of the buyer.

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<p>We can also pay with the Apple Watch, using the same cards that we have added to the iPhone. <strong>To activate Apple Pay, we must press the button under the crown twice and then we will bring the watch to the payment terminal</strong>. In this case there will be no need to use any identification method, since the Apple Watch asks you to do it whenever you put it on your wrist and it stays until you take it off.</p>
<h2><span id=Pay using Apple Pay from your Mac

Usr Apple Pay on the Mac is somewhat more complicated, although little. You need to have an iPhone compatible with Apple Pay, a Mac that has macOS Sierra and that is also compatible with Continuity and have added the cards as noted above. When you enter a website that is compatible with Apple's payment system you can choose it and you will have to authenticate using your iPhone, which will ask you to identify yourself using the touch ID. In the new MacBook Pro this is not necessary because they already have Touch ID.

You can also pay with Apple Pay from web pages that you access from your iPhone and iPad, using the Touch ID of the device itself, as long as they accept the Apple payment system.

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