How to use Google Maps offline on iPhone

Although it is necessary to recognize that lately Apple is doing a good job with its maps, we also have to recognize that it still has some lacks. We can use Apple maps to tell us by voice what to do point by point, in a similar way, saving distances, which is available in other GPS applications such as TomTom or Sygic. The problem is that to be able to consult the Apple maps we have to be connected to the Internet. This is something that is not always necessary with your maximum rival: Google Maps. Do you know how use google maps offline on iPhone?

The comparisons are odious, but if we use Google Maps we will not have to be connected to the Internet. The maps of the now part company of Alphabet can be downloaded, so we can take a long trip or move through a city that we do not know without spending a single mega of our data plan using Google Maps offline or offline. I hope that Apple includes this possibility in the not too distant future but, while I wait, I can always do it with Google maps.

How to use Google Maps offline

For use Google Maps offline We have to download the maps to our iPhone, something very easy but there are three different ways to do it. One will allow us to download any town or city, while the other two will allow us to download larger areas. If what you want is to download an entire town or city, you have to do the following:

  1. In the search box, we search for the desired town or city.
  2. From the results it offers, we choose the one that corresponds to our search by touching on its name.
  3. This will take us to a general image of the town or city. We have to touch on the lower white bar. The menu will rise.
  4. The first thing we will see next will be the name of the area followed by three options: Save, Share and, the one that interests us, Download. We tap on Download. We will see a general image of the area, the weight of the download and the space available on our device.
  5. We touch again in Download.
  6. We put a name to the area, if we wish. I usually leave the default name which is the name of the town or city.
  7. We touch on save, we wait and, when the download is finished, we will have it. From now on, when we move through the downloaded area we will not consume Internet data.

The second method is also very simple and will allow us to download larger areas. We will do it as follows:

  1. The first thing we have to do is, with the gesture of enlarging or reducing with two fingers, select the area we want to download.
  2. Once we have the entire area on the screen, we touch on the three lines of the options.
  3. Next, we touch on “Zones without connection”.
  4. On the next screen, we touch on the sum symbol. We will see an image similar to that of step 5 of the previous method. The following steps are the same.
  5. We put a name to the area.
  6. We touch on save and wait for the download to "width =" 830 "height =" 400 "srcset =" 830w, 300w, /05/descarga-google-maps-1-768x370.png 768w, 320w, https : // 400w, 05 / download-google-maps-1-500x241.png 500w "sizes =" (max-width: 830px) 100vw, 830px "src =" 05 / download-google-maps-1-830x400.png "data-sizes =" auto "class =" aligncenter size-responsive-content wp-image-176165 lazyload "/></li>
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The third method is similar to the previous one, but it is faster. This is a trick that is available since before Google allowed to download the maps officially. It's about the following:

  1. As in the previous method, we expand or reduce to select the entire area that we want to download.
  2. Once we have everything we want to download on the screen, in the search box we type “ok maps” without the quotes. Be careful with the autocorrector because if we do not look it will change it to “ok maps”.
  3. We touch on Search.
  4. The download screen will appear. We touch on download.
  5. We put a name to the area.
  6. Finally, we touch Save again and wait for the download to finish.

At some point during the download, regardless of the method we have used, the application warns us that the maps expire. It has never happened to me, but I imagine that the warning means that roads can change from time to time. I am also not sure if we can no longer use them when they expire, but this has an easy solution: before the deadline, we enter the section of Offline Zones and update it.

With these steps you could already use Google Maps offline No need to be connected to the Internet.

How to delete downloaded maps from Google Maps

Deleting the maps downloaded from Google Maps is also very simple. We will do it as follows:

  1. We tap the three lines to see the options.
  2. We play in offline "width =" 830 "height =" 400 "srcset =" 830w, 300w, /05/descarga-google-maps-3-768x370.png 768w, 320w, https : // 400w, 05 / download-google-maps-3-500x241.png 500w "sizes =" (max-width: 830px) 100vw, 830px "src =" 05 / download-google-maps-3-830x400.png "data-sizes =" auto "class =" aligncenter size-responsive-content wp-image-176167 lazyload "/></li>
<li>We tap on the settings icon.</li>
<li>We touch on the map we want to remove.</li>
<li>We touch on Delete.</li>
<li>Finally, we touch Delete again.<img alt=

What I think is missing from both Google Maps and Apple maps is that the indications do not give us in still images, if not in motion and in real time as in TomTom or other GPS applications. I sign up for my iOS 10 wish list.

Have you learned to use Google Maps offline on iPhone?

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