How to use PUBG 3D Touch controls on iPhone

PUBG continues to update to offer its users iOS the best possible experience, and we hope that this will continue for much longer. The last update came on Sunday and we were commenting on its news, including support for the 3D Touch

However, as is often the case with these types of implementations, it is a bit difficult to adjust the configuration. Because We are going to explain how PUBG 3D Touch controls for iOS work and how to easily activate them.

First of all, needless to say, we must ensure that we have the latest version of PUBG installed on our iOS device compatible with 3D Touch – iPhone 6s, 7, 8 and X in its variants. Once we have this clear we will start the application to activate its 3D Touch functionality. This will allow us to shoot faster by pressing hard on the iPhone screen, without the need to press specifically on the symbol of the shot, and the truth is that it will be appreciated enough to act fast. Now we simply open PUBG, we wait for it to load and we go to the configuration section within the game to start with the settings that allow us to activate 3D Touch.

Once inside, we go to the “Controls” section to change the default settings for the second option -to alter the order of the buttons on the screen-. So, we navigate to the bottom to find the switch on and off the 3D Touch and we activate it. Now we are going to have to adjust the sensitivity of 3D Touch in the game, so that we do not accidentally shoot or have problems when pressing too much. This will depend on the original pressure setting you have configured on the iPhone and your tastes, but ideally it would be around 200% within PUBG. And this is how you will save some time and improve your accuracy when shooting thanks to the 3D Touch technology of iOS, something nonexistent effectively and realistically in any other competitive device to date.

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