How to use the new effects for photographs in Messages

The iOS 12 Messages application has reached a level that we might never have imagined taking into account the cautious steps that the Cupertino company has always taken with this application, a messaging service that has always been characterized by its simplicity and stability. However, it has now become a fully functional messaging application with as many capacities or more as the competition, always within the limits that Apple usually sets for its software products in general. We will teach you how to send very cool images through the Messages application thanks to all its new effects. Stay with us and get the most out of the new features of the application.

What are the new camera features in Messages?

The camera within the Messages application has gained many customization capabilities thanks to the graphic power of the processors it mounts Apple lately on their mobile phones. That is why we will be able to make use of the Augmented Reality as well as the most current stickers, choosing when and how we include them. It should be noted that it is a real shame that Apple has not thought to include a photo editing system with these capabilities without having to enter the Messages application, is it a way to attract us to its messaging application?

  • Animoji: The Animoji arrived a long time ago, allowing us to include masks that make our “faces” more fun, since they will be replaced by those that Apple has included and will repeat our gestures as well as our features, from a T-Rex to a skull.
  • MeMoji: This new version of the Animoji gives us the possibility to personalize these masks, giving them a more human image but at the same time caricature. However, the facial tracking capabilities are exactly the same as those present in Animoji.
  • Filters: This capability, already present in applications such as Clips in previous versions of iOS, will allow us to add filters of all kinds to our photographs, from drawing what the camera represents in a comic, to moving to a classic black and white.
  • Text: It will allow us to add a text that will monitor the image, we can customize it by writing simple words of what we want to express, or provide them with more imagination with snacks and exclamations.
  • Figures: Arrows, signals and even scribbles, this is how we will be able to focus the attention of the image receiver on exactly the point we want.
  • Activity: Health tracking and healthy picket also have a place in the application of Messages natively with their new images.
  • Stickers: The stickers have been with us for much longer. Thanks to them we can customize the photos as long as we have previously downloaded them.

How to add these effects to our photos in messages

For some users unfamiliar with the system it can be heavy, and as we have said, it is strange that the only mechanism to proceed to this edition in real time is through Messages. To do this we must enter the native messaging application of the iOS system and click on the lower left – next to the text box in the camera icon, Then a preview of the image we are about to capture will open.

Once inside what would be the camera system, we find in the lower right the icon of the photos in iOS. If we click on it, a light menu will open at the top, quite thin, that will include the icon of each of the functionalities that we can use to customize our photographs to the maximum, now we only have to try one by one to find the one that most We like it and so get the most out of it.

How to create your own Memoji if it doesn't appear

You may not see any function to add a Memoji to your photo editing, the answer to this problem is quite simple, This is because you haven't created any Memoji yet. To do this we must simply return to the Messages application, then once inside, just below the text box we will find the monkey icon with its mouth open. If we click on this icon we will enter the Animoji creation menu.

If we are in the Animoji creation menu and we slide to the left we find the “+” icon with the text New memoji. Then we can create our own Memoji and then we will get it to appear within the real-time editing setting of the photographs through the filters and stickers of the Messages application. That is, you will not be able to create a Memoji from the editing or Augmented Reality section of the camera.

How to download stickers to customize photos

The stickers must be previously downloaded through the App Store available within the Messages application if we want to be able to use them in the photo editing in addition to the system of sending stickers through the messages as it had been happening until now. To do this we must click on the icon of the App Store available just above the text box of the Messages application and will direct us to the section where all these stickers are included. Mention that while some are totally free, others are paid or are included in the applications that we have previously purchased – we will not have to pay for them.

As with the Memoji, these stickers will appear in the photo editing section of the camera inside Messages only when we have previously downloaded them, otherwise we will not be able to use them. For now the cast that iOS has natively is quite scarce, so it makes this functionality much more attractive if we download those stickers that we find most interesting within the App Store. Now, the iOS Messages application is as fun to share every day as everyone else.

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