If your Face ID fails, Apple may change your iPhone X for free

It seems that there is a small problem with a series of undetermined iPhone X which face detection fails, the Face ID. This we can not say that it is something that affects all users who have one of these new iPhone models, it could be causing a few problems and that is why Apple is already taking the appropriate measures to solve the problem.

So far there is no specific replacement program for this problem that some users would be detecting, this is an internal note from the company itself that leaked in the media and now comes to light. In any case the iPhone camera and the TrueDepth system would be failing for some reason and the solution would go directly through the free change of your iPhone X.

The rear camera would be the culprit

Oddly enough, the rear camera of the iPhone X would be the first point to review In the case that we encounter the problem of Face ID, they also explain it in the statement sent by Apple to all stores and technical services:

In order to provide the best customer experience, if you report that your iPhone X is having face identification problems, you can solve the problem with a rear camera repair. Run AST 2 on the client device to check the correct operation of the camera. If the problem with the camera appears in the diagnosis made, we will perform the repair to see if the problem is resolved. In the event that this problem is not resolved, we will perform a replacement of the unit instead of a screen repair.

Sometimes it seems that the ruling is timely and this is not what they are arguing at Apple, these are people who have the problem more constantly and therefore it is a bad experience with this great unlocking system through facial detection. In any case, if we notice a problem, we can go directly to an official Apple store, an authorized reseller or contact directly the Apple online technical service.

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