Important WhatsApp update: video calls are now available

While I was writing a tutorial so that anyone could access them even while in an unsupported country, WhatsApp has released the most important update from which he allowed us to make voice calls. Version 2.16.17 arrives with the default activation of the video calls for all users, yes, as long as they have iOS 8 or later installed. This update comes a day after the official statement that told us about WhatsApp video calls, a feature that was already available in several countries where they had been activated remotely.

As I imagined, so that everyone has the possibility of making video calls, it has been necessary for WhatsApp to launch a update that has the function enabled by default. So it was with GIFs and so it has been with video calls. This update already makes the trick I was going to publish to make no sense, which was to change our residence area to one in which video calls were available, reinstall WhatsApp and change the residence area again.

Video calls are enabled by default WhatsApp 2.16.17

The news list that appears in the App Store is the following

  • We introduce (I imagine they will mean “introduce”) the WhatsApp video calls. With free video calls, you can now talk face to face with your friends and family around the world. There may be charges for the use of the data service. (Requires iOS 8 or later).
  • Search for the perfect animated GIF, directly from WhatsApp. Press (+) and choose Reel. The option to search for GIFs is in the lower left.

I think it is especially important that "there may be charges for the use of the data service." While Facetime Video quality is low when we are in 3G / 4G and consumes just over 2MB per minute, WhatsApp does not perform any such management and will consume about 6MB per minute Let us video call your application.

As usual in WhatsApp, in the list of news there is a point that was already available in previous versions. But well, this time we can forgive everything. From now on we no longer need to use other applications to make video calls, which can also be a bit dangerous if we have a little heavy among our contacts …

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