In Huawei claim that Hongmeng OS be faster than Android

The Huawei situation in the field of mobile follows something confusing. The announcement of the veto by Google and other companies after entering the US commercial blacklist has put the Chinese manufacturer in a delicate situation that has not yet been clarified.

The recent encounter between Trump and Xi Jinping has apparently softened that trade war, but there are still doubts about whether Huawei's situation will normalize. Meanwhile, that's right, the company is still working on its alternative operating system, called Hongmeng OS, and he does it breastfeeding: according to them, this alternative be faster than Android.

The app store is the key

Rei Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei, has an interview with the French medium Le Point and talked about Hongmeng OS, the operating system that they are preparing for their devices – care, not just mobile – in case the veto is prolonged and does not allow the company to operate normally.

According to Zhengfei, HongMeng OS will probably be faster than Android, and he also cited a study by GlobalTimes, a medium controlled by the Chinese government that revealed to be 60% faster than Google’s mobile platform, but without specifying exactly in what areas.

The Huawei platform is not only mobile-oriented, but also wants to reach cars or data centers, but here Zhengfei stressed the importance of having an app store powerful similar to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The firm already has a own app store called AppGallery which allows developers and users to use it as an alternative to Google Play, but it seems that Huawei is working on promoting that option in a special way.

Huawei's work progresses significantly if we pay attention to data such as the one that arrived in early June: Hongmeng OS (or ArkOS, as it is known in the West) will already be working on a million devices on a preliminary basis in China, and Huawei will be sending emails to thousands of developers to take your applications to the App Gallery store.

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