Install WhatsApp ++ on iOS 10 and without Jailbreak

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application, however, its utilities are not always the best, and they fall short for some users. As you know, Android users can enjoy applications like WhatsApp Plus, which allows them to fully customize the WhatsApp application. Why today We bring you an alternative without Jailbreak to WhatsApp, it is called WhatsApp ++ and allows you to add new functions and settings to the instant messaging application so you can leave it to your liking, even some of its settings improve WhatsApp performance. Discover how to install WhatsApp ++ on iOS 10 and without Jailbreak.

We will give a review of what are the news that WhatsApp implements above the serial instant messaging application:

  • Hide the double blue tic
  • Hide the "online" and "last connection" status
  • Customize the application's user interface
  • Add a larger profile picture without having to crop it
  • Send an unlimited number of multimedia files such as photos or videos
  • Record audio by touching the microphone button, without holding it down while talking
  • Block WhatsApp with lock code or through TouchID

Many of these functions are highly interesting, especially to block the application with TouchID to avoid the prying eyes of those who should not. Now we will go with the installation of WhatsApp ++ on your iPhone with iOS 10, we remind you that you will need to download Cydia Impactor, however, it will be fully functional in both Windows and macOS and Linux ahead!

How to install WhatsApp ++ on your iPhone with iOS 10

We go with the previous steps, if you have the official version of WhatsApp installed on your iOS device, you know that you have to uninstall it. I recommend that you first make a backup of the chats, in case you have some type of information that you don't want to lose in the messages. Now we will download the WhatsApp Plus .IPa through THIS LINK that we provide.

Now we are going to make sure we have installed and run Cydia Impactor, if so, First we are going to plug our iPhone through USB, and when it has been detected correctly we will open the Cydia Impactor application and position it in “install SuperSU (aka, root Android).

We will then look for the WhatsApp ++ .IPA that we had downloaded just now and drag it over the dialog and options that has been opened with Cydia Impactor. Once you have detected the .IPA you will ask us for an Apple ID and a password. This is not intended to steal our data or anything similar, in fact this tool has been created by Saurik, one of the greatest experts in Jailbreak. So, what will be done when we enter our Apple ID and our password is to sign the application. However, if you have any fear about the method used, we recommend that you do not directly use it, the methods and functions that iOS allows due to Apple control are always safer.

Once we have followed the steps, Cydia Impactor will start installing WhatsApp ++ on our iOS device. Once you have finished your work we can already appreciate the WhatsApp icon on our Springboard.

Now we will go to Settings> General> Profiles, we will open the new profile that has been installed to us whose name is WhatsApp and click on the “Trust this developer". Now we can return to the Springboard and run our new WhatsApp Plus to contemplate its new functions.

The negative points of using this method

We remind you that the certificate that we have created based on our own Apple ID has an expiration date, that is, in general this type of certificates created through Cydia Impactor only last one week, unless we have made the Jailbreak on the iPhone Once the certificate expires the application will stop working and you will have to reinstall it using Cydia Impactor.

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