iOS 10 arrive with the standard HomeKit application

Apple's new mobile operating system is just around the corner, as many of you will know, WWDC 2016 will be held in the middle of next month, and we hope to find many new features, including the new version of iTunes, the new version of Apple Music and how could it be otherwise, iOS 10. What seems to be far behind is HomeKit, the system created by Apple that promised to turn our home into a smart home. The development seems to have stagnated enough, however, Apple is going to provide the last push, since in iOS 10 we will find HomeKit as a preinstalled application.

Apple believes that it is not necessary for every home-focused product that is compatible with Apple's platforms to include its own application, which would fill the device with applications in case we are lovers of this type of smart home devices. Because, will encourage the development of Homekit, not only to force them to use it, but to consider the platform as an alternative that saves them work and storage space for end users. In addition, they have begun to proliferate in the App Store a series of applications focused on using smart home devices from a single application, and they are also paid.

The solution is simple, including HomeKit as a serial application on the device will make consumers consider using devices that are compatible with the application to save storage space, as with the health application. In this way, developers are forced to start taking the HomeKit environment seriously, something that ultimately ends up favoring the end user, because it will be all in a more controlled environment that favors its proper functioning.

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