iOS 11 is already installed on three out of four devices

iOS 11 is today in 76% of mobile devices that Apple has distributed around the world, according to the latest data that Apple has published in the developer portal, figures that contrast with the adoption of the latest version of Android, Oreo, a version that today is found in only 4.6% of the devices.

Since last January, the boys of Cupertino update the adoption figure of iOS 11, a figure that indicated that it was in 65% of the devices, while in November that figure reaches 52%, so the increase since November has been 25%, figures far removed from those offered by Android.

If we take a look at the graph, we can see how the previous version, iOS 10, version of iOS in which both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c stayed, has a market share of 19% while the previous versions represent the 5%. These adoption figures remain far inferior to those that Apple had obtained in previous years on the same dates. Without going any further, iOS 10 had an 80% market share in February 2017.

Google seems to have finally got tired of seeing how new versions of its operating system for mobile devices take almost a lifetime to reach the models, if it finally does. To try to accelerate the adoption by manufacturers, with the arrival of Android Oreo, introduced changes in development, so that manufacturers they just have to focus on adapting the customization layer, since it is Google itself that is responsible for the compatibility of the different components that we can find in each and every one of the smartphones, although for now, not all manufacturers have gone through the hoop.

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