iPhone 8 with OLED screen? Only the "Special Edition", according to analyst

According to all the rumors, the future of iPhone screens involves using screens OLED. The moment chosen by Apple could be the year of arrival of what is now known as iPhone 8 o iPhone tenth anniversary, but Hendi Susanto, an analyst at Gabelli & Co., believes that the new screens will not reach every iPhone next year, but will only be available in one special edition which will be launched now in about 13 months.

The problem according to Susanto is that manufacturers will not be able to meet all of Apple's demand, not during 2017. If there are not enough OLED screens for all iPhone, Tim Cook and company would be forced to make a decision that on other occasions they have taken only to differentiate the different models of their smartphone, such as the optical stabilizer Image (OIS) that is only available on the Plus model or the Smart Connector that seems to do the same when the iPhone 7 is introduced.

OLED screens would not reach all iPhone 8

In my opinion, on the one hand it seems that what Susanto says makes sense, but it does not make it so much if the rumors of iPhone 7 Pro They are true. According to these rumors, Apple had planned to launch three iPhone this year, two as until now plus an advanced model with size of 5.5 inches, but would have decided to eliminate the advanced model so that there was not so much difference between the devices, which seems very dangerous in These moments due to the fierce competition in the smartphone market.

That said, it doesn't seem far fetched that that special edition iPhone is just the Plus model. Since its arrival in 2014, the iPhone 5.5 has been superior to the 4.7-inch model, starting with the OIS and continuing with the dual camera and the Smart Connector. The problem is that Apple is expected to launch something important next year and I can not imagine the time to present OLED screens that are only available in the most expensive model.

Here we have two doubts: Will OLED screens arrive in 2017? And, if they do, will they reach only one model?

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