IPhone users are undergoing massive phishing

Alert, if you are receiving a certain message in English, informing you that your iCloud account has probably been deactivated, with a link that brings absolutely nothing, you will probably be the object of the most lascivious phishing we find in the Apple Universe. Delete this message and ignore it, all they want is to capture your user passwords from your Apple ID and wreak havoc with it, probably the future is a blackmail in exchange for your information, or much worse, all with the sole intention of unlocking an iOS device from which you have previously been stripped, so, alert in recent days to any SMS unknown.

The curious thing about this message is that it contacts you by your own name, something that scares you. Currently this event is taking place especially in iPhone owners in the United Kingdom, we have not yet found this "strain" of phishing in Iberian territory, but you never know. The intention is to get your personal information Only by accessing your iCloud account, where you probably have compromising photographs or sensitive data, as happened with the CelebGate, whose mechanism was more or less the same. They pretend to be Apple's technical support, but always doubt this type of messages, Apple will never contact you by these methods, usually prefer email, and also verified.

What Apple is never going to provide, is a link to enter your account, it will simply remind you to do it for yourself, it is a good way to differentiate a scam. Remember that the iTunes Store will never ask for personal or sensitive information by e-mail. If you are receiving this type of message or some different but equally suspicious, you can notify Apple at abuse@icloud.com or iMessage.spam@apple.com where they will rush to find the focus of the scam and block it.

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