IPhone X shipments will drop more than expected in the US during Q1 of 2018

Some reports of companies in charge of assembling components of the new iPhone X, appear in a DigiTimens report in which it is said that demand in the United States is not as high as expected. It is true that until we have the official figures provided by the company itself we can not say that they are bad or good, but always It is interesting to look at the data offered by component factories To get an idea of ​​sales.

In this case there is talk of a decrease in orders for the United States, Taiwan and Singapore, but they also comment on the good health of orders placed in other countries such as Japan. Whatever the Sales estimates of the new iPhone X model for the next quarter they would be somewhat scarce.

IPhone X shipments are expected to reach between 30 and 35 million units during the fourth quarter of 2017 and will remain stable or rather downward for the first quarter of next year. While it is true that these figures are not accurate, those responsible for receiving component orders have much to say in their estimates. They can also err, and that is At first there was talk of 20-25 million units sent and now it rises to the 30-35 mentioned above.

Nor was the initial high demand of the iPhone X normal all over the world, and once the shipments in all countries have stabilized little or nothing you can do to sell more, except take out the machinery of advertising and others. Apple knows this and will logically be working on it to increase this demand for devices in countries where the pace of purchases has fallen.

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