Is Jony I've been decoupling from Apple's product design?

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5C, it also launched special cases for the new and colorful terminal launched in 2013 that left no one indifferent. These covers had holes in the back that, well, maybe they didn't look so bad, but between these holes you could see part of the text of the “iPhone” that appeared on the back, showing only what appeared to be “non " At that time there were few criticisms he received Jony Ive, but what if the famous designer was not responsible for Apple's latest designs?

In the latest episode of The Talk Show, John Gruber spoke with Jason Snell, founder of SixColors, about Ive's new role in the company led by Tim Cook and how everything has changed since the death of Steve Jobs. The most important thing about this conversation is that Gruber ensures that the Apple CDO not so involved in the design of the new hardware Apple as it was a few years ago, perhaps coinciding with the months / years before the time he became chief designer of the Apple company.

Petition for Jony Ive: come back please

I have heard that lately it has been unlinked or not so directly involved with the design of the products and that it has focused much more on architecture, referring to the campus and new stores. And that maybe the other senior official who has been working more with Ive is Angela Arhendts.

From Gruber's words we can understand that Jony Ive has been working in the new headquarters of Apple more than anything, so he has not been able to monitor the latest Apple designs such as the Smart Battery Case that tops this post, an image to which I have to confess that I was going to add a turtle asking “Dad?”.

Considering the designs so good that Apple has launched with Jony Ive in the lead and others like the Magic Mouse 2 that cannot be charged and used At the same time that they might not be from the company's CDO, all I can say is that I hope he will soon do what he was doing again. If not, we could soon see an iPhone with a wheel to dial the numbers …

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