Japan Display, desperate for Apple to use OLED screens

There are few users who look forward to the day when Apple launches an iPhone with an OLED screen that offers more vivid colors and consume less battery (if black backgrounds are used), but you could say that Japan Display, one of Apple's screen providers, is desperate for Cupertino's to make the change. And JDI has announced losses of more than 257 million Euros (¥ 31,800,000) in 2016 due to the increase in the value of the Yen and the decrease in sales of the iPhone and iPad.

As you all know, the iPhone 6s uses an LCD screen, but they are expected to give the jump to OLED screens in 2017, That in the best case. If it is not next year, the iPhone 8, or whatever the phone they present in 2018 is called, will already come with OLED screen and, later and if we look at how the releases of iOS devices have been in recent years, little later they will launch an iPad with OLED screen.

Japan Display managers pray for Apple to make the leap to OLED screens

But if I were one of the Japan Display executives, I wouldn't have them all with me at the moment when Tim Cook and company made the leap to OLED screens: Samsung It is a very important manufacturer in the research of OLED screens and production of AMOLED and, according to rumors, it is also building facilities in which they hope to manufacture screens for Apple. In any case, those of Cupertino do not like to make all orders to a company and, depending on the quality and price of the product, they could also place more or less orders on Japan Display.

The problem, or another one of them, is that Samsung is not the only problem of Japan Display: Foxconn He also wants to enter the OLED display market, for which Sharp bought. With this panorama, we understand the desperation of JDI executives.

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