Japan Display may manufacture OLED displays for Apple

Apple has not surprised us in a keynote for a long time. What would be a surprise is that next year they will not present a iPhone with OLED screen, a screen that could be supplied by Samsung and LG. Sharp is on the prowl waiting in case any of the two previous companies suffer any setback and today it has been known that Apple could have in Japan Display a fourth option, as The Wall Street Journal assures.

Although Apple does not sell as many phones as other companies, especially in the mid / low range, supplying components for the iPhone is a very lucrative business. With this in mind, Japan Display planned to ask for funding from its government to help them invest in infrastructure to manufacture OLED displays. Right now, the Japanese manufacturer would be about to get about 75 billion yen (more than 647 million euros).

Japan Display will invest to be able to manufacture OLED screens

Japan Display wants to improve its liquid crystal display technology to compete against OLED screens while trying to prepare its own manufacturing lines for mass production of OLED panels. Both efforts require strong investments.

Samsung and LG are struggling to take all orders of Apple OLED screens for next year, although those of Cupertino do not like to make all orders to a single company for some components of their devices. What does seem clear is that the company that wants to manufacture OLED screens for the iPhone of 2017 will have to do it at a good price or, otherwise, the orders could end up in the hands of another company.

In any case, Apple is relying on Samsung to manufacture the OLED screens of the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro, so it seems that we are clear which would be the first candidate. All I can say is that I hope that in 2017 we don't have an OLED-gate.

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