Jawbone explores its sale a hardware manufacturer

A few months ago we echoed some rumors that claimed that the manufacturer of Jawbone quantifying bracelets could be for sale. Within a few days, the head of the company said that these rumors were completely false and that the company was focusing on launching new and innovative devices to try to compete in a market that has gradually been leaving the market. due to the prices of its devices and the lack of innovation by the company. Again the rumors about the sale of the company have been made public again.

As we can read in the publication The information:

Jawbone, the manufacturer of wristbands quantifications, which in recent months is suffering various problems, seems to be in negotiations with some hardware manufacturer to negotiate the sale of the company, as reported by a person related to the negotiations.

Another of the signs that the company that shows the company's problems is that according to an internal document that has been leaked, the firm could not afford the payments planned for the month of August, which would accelerate the company's sales process .

The latest financial reports that the company has submitted confirm the economic problems that the company is facing that has been forced to completely abandon the line of quantifiers that since the launch of the Apple Watch that has caused a very important fall in its sales. But Apple Watch has not been the only one to blame for the drop in sales of Jawbone, but also Fitbit and Xiaomi, the two top manufacturers of this type of devices, are also very guilty, especially Fitbit that currently offers us a catalog of quantifiers for all user needs at almost any price.

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