Jonathan Morrison shows us that there is no beauty gate

There is no more blind than he who does not want to see, they say. And in this case, Jonathan Morrison, the well-known technology youtuber, has shown us that the sayings are fulfilled.

It all started on his Instagram account two days ago, where He published a self-portrait of himself, not forgetting to put in the description of the photograph that had taken it with his Pixel 2.

Without more descriptions, Many followers of Android and Google began to comment that the Pixel 2 (despite having a year) continues to take better photos than the iPhone XS In the market, even many say that, without a doubt, it is the best portrait they have ever seen. Of course, there is no mention of the beauty gate with comments like #nobeautygate.

As well, Many Apple followers insist on comments that are still worse photographs those of the Pixel.

None was right. After one more self-portrait saying that it was, again, with the Pixel 2 and directly asking if it was better than the iPhone XS, JJonathan has published a video revealing that they were photographs taken with the iPhone XS Max.

He admits it in his video, it's about teaching a little lesson and reminding us that the best thing is make our own judgment on which camera is better (It really is advice for all aspects of life), instead of thinking that one mobile or another, simply by name, is better or worse.

Personally I loved the way to show that, in matters of technology brands (such as sports, politics, etc.) we tend to say how we want for what we like, instead of making a judgment before knowing what we want.

Do not forget that we are talking about high-end mobiles and everyone takes good pictures And if, as Jonathan has shown, we tend to think that those of the Pixels or those of the iPhone are better according to what we like, what else will it give which one takes better photos if we are not going to change phones?

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