Just Mobile TENC and Xkin, protect your iPhone without it noticing

Whenever you change your iPhone, you enjoy its design right out of the box, because soon we put cover and protector to avoid possible damage. Yes, we all agree that Buying something with such a spectacular design and covering it up is a real sin, but as soon as we think about the price of a fall repair, the charge of conscience is removed.

That's why Just Mobile cases and protectors always have their little space on the blog every time a new iPhone debuts: quality and protection without interfering with the device design. This year we tested the TENC Air case and the Xkin screen protector for the iPhone XS Max, and we told you our impressions.

TENC Air, protection and transparency that lasts

Transparent covers there are many, of all brands and all prices. What does this TENC Air cover offer to make it different from the others? In addition to the protection of the device, which in the end is it. more important because it is precisely what you are looking for by placing a cover, that its transparency is not diminished with the passage of time. Some cases yellow, others are scratched just by looking at them and end up opaque, this TENC Air cover perfectly stands the test of time and those typical abrasions when always placed on a flat surface “heal” themselves, so you will not end up having a matte cover when the one you bought was transparent.

I did this test last year with the same model for the iPhone X, here you can see how it perfectly resists scratches that can occur with normal use of the iPhone. The passage of time will not leave a dent in your transparent TENC Air case, and that is something that very few can promise and fulfill. And I've been using this case for three consecutive years on my different iPhone models, so I can confirm it.

In addition to protecting itself, the case protects your iPhone thanks to its cushioning system with air chambers in the corners and the edge of the case made of a material that absorbs shock so that your iPhone is not damaged. Also avoid that feeling that the iPhone can slip at any time when you do not wear a case. You can place your iPhone face down or face up, because neither the screen nor the camera will rest directly on the surface so they will not risk scratching.

Xkin, a screensaver that you won't notice

I am very reluctant to use screen protectors, although in the end I always end up placing some, or rather, several. I can not stand the gummy touch of some, or the decrease in the brightness of the screen caused by others, or in sunlight make the screen is not clear. But the least I stand is that you notice that you carry. This is what I like most about this Xkin and that's why I think it will last a long time on my iPhone. You can see it in the image above: notice how it practically reaches the edge of the glass.

That virtue is also a problem, and not all covers allow such a tight protector. Luckily, the TENC Air case is perfectly compatible with it, so there will be no problem and you can put on and take off your case without fear that the protector will take off. Only the small hole for the headset breaks the surface This protector is also very comfortable to place because it includes a frame that will help you to be perfectly adjusted to the edges. If you fail and that gives a bubble or fluff inside it, do not worry that you can remove it and replace it without fear.

You will not notice changes in the screen image or brightness, you will not touch the edges of the protector when you swipe your finger across the edges of the screen, and the touch when performing the swipe gestures or even the 3D Touch does not vary from the original screen. When it is said that "you will not notice that you are wearing it" is as is.

Editor's Opinion

Enjoying your iPhone 100% and having it protected is not compatible, so finding an option that offers one and the other in a high percentage is always welcome. Just Mobile achieves it with its TENC Air case and the Xkin protector, perfectly compatible between them will leave your iPhone protected interfering as little as possible in its design. At the moment Just Mobile has them available only in its online store. With a 20% discount that will last the first three months of the launch you can compensate the shipping costs. The price is currently € 24.95 for the TENC Air case and € 29.99 for the Xkin protector, whatever iPhone model you have (XS, XS Max or XR). You can access their online store in this link.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 29.99


  • Case resistant to normal damage with normal use
  • Does not yellow
  • Fall protection
  • Virtually unfailing screen saver


  • Protector not compatible with any case

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