JUUK Viteza, Italian luxury for your Apple Watch

I don't try to hide it, when we talk about running for the Apple Watch my favorite brand is JUUK because it is the only one that offers the quality that characterizes Apple but at a much more interesting price. To its extensive catalog of metal belts, such as Revo, Vitero and Light models that we have already analyzed on other occasions, now add two other models this time of leather.

JUUK Viteza and Monza are the new leather models that the brand has just launched, with top quality Italian leather and two different designs: small holes that pierce the entire belt (Viteza) or three large holes (Monza) inspired by the automotive classics. If in I am from Mac you have already been told about the Monza model today we test here the Viteza model so that you can choose the one you like best.

Taking care of every detail

JUUK has accustomed us to using top quality materials in its metal straps, using steel and aluminum of the same category with which the Apple Watch is manufactured, and with the leather straps could not be different. The touch of the strap leaves little doubt, the skin that has been used is sensational and that makes your comfort and finishes very high. The manufacturer has been fixed as always to the last detail, and the strap has a touch of color on the edges that may vary depending on the model, but that you can see even in the holes or in the loops to fix the strap.

The strap closure is metallic, stainless steel and butterfly mechanism. JUUK has opted for this type of closure more comfortable and safe than the classic buckles, and also allows you to adjust the length of the strap quickly and conveniently, without the need for any type of tool. The strap is only available for the 42mm model and has a length ranging from 152mm to 215mm. As an example I can say that my doll is small and that I have it adjusted to 1 / e3 of its minimum length, so I think it can be adjusted to the vast majority of dolls.

Another important detail is the color of the metallic elements. The straps are available in several colors and all of them with metallic elements in two possible colors: silver or gloss black. The hooks to the watch have the upper and lower part in matt black, while the side part of the hook is bright, exactly the same as Apple does with its Milanese strap.

Both models are available in the same colors: Onyx (black and red), Brun (Brown and blue), Slate (Brown and green) and Sand (Sand and turquoise). As we said before, all are also available with metallic elements in silver or gloss black, and all have the same price: $ 79. It is a high price if we compare them with the classic belts that we can find by Amazon, but the difference in quality and durability is abysmal. There are already many who have tried the JUUK straps and know what I am talking about.

Editor's Opinion

JUUK offers us new models of belts for the Apple Watch this time made of leather. Available in several colors and with two different designs, all of them have the care of the details and the quality of materials that characterize this brand, being an excellent option for those who like this type of belts or those who are looking for a quality product if they want to spend what one of their metal models costs. They all cost $ 79 and are ready to ship from the JUUK website.

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€ $ 79

  • JUUK Viteza
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  • Sensational materials and finishes
  • Very comfortable and light
  • Comfortable and secure closure
  • Different designs with striking colors


  • Only available for 42mm

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