Kanex GoPower Watch, a battery for your iPhone and Apple Watch

As I told you the other day when I told you about different options to avoid running out of battery in our iPhone when we are away from a plug, in the end I decided to look for that alternative that would allow me to comfortably charge the two devices that always go with me: My iPhone and my Apple Watch. And if I could also do it with the least number of cables, better than better. Just for this is what is perfect Kanex “GoPower Watch” battery, smaller than any wallet and with enough capacity to fully recharge your iPhone and Apple Watch without any problem.

It is an external battery with 4000mAh capacity, which allows you to recharge up to 6 times your Apple Watch, or your iPhone and your Apple Watch simultaneously. You can even consider the possibility of using a travel charger plugged into an electrical connection, since it gives priority to the charging of the devices before recharging its internal battery. For the Apple Watch you will not need any cables, but for the iPhone it does, since what it includes is a USB socket to connect a cable, which also allows you to recharge any device using its compatible cable. The battery is recharged thanks to a microUSB cable.

As a battery indicator you have four blue LED lights as a circle surrounding the power button of the charger that shows you the remaining battery, each representing 25% of the total capacity. The operation as you can imagine is not too complicated: place the Apple Watch on the charging disk, or connect a device to the USB of the charger, and press the power button.

Perhaps to get a note of 10 you need a lightning cable integrated in the charger that would allow you to completely dispense with other accessories besides the charger, but despite this minimal inconvenience it is a more than recommended purchase. You can get it on Amazon for about € 115.

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€ 115 €

  • GoPower Watch
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  • Compact and practical design
  • Apple Watch loading disc included
  • Sufficient capacity for iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Remaining Charge Indicator


  • Lightning cable needed
  • Not compatible with Apple Watch Bedside mode

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