KardiaBand also allows you to get an ECG with your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the first Smartwatch with which you can detect an important arrhythmia thanks to one of its most important novelties: a built-in ECG. By touching its crown and thanks to the sensors at the bottom you can register your own electrocardiogram in just 30 seconds, something that left us with our mouths open to everyone who saw the presentation of Apple.

However, there has been a very similar technology for some time that allows something very similar. It is an accessory that placed on the strap of your Apple Watch allows you to also register an ECG at the same time. It's called KardiaBand, it's from AliverCor and we explain exactly how it works and its price.

KardiaBand is an accessory that it caught my attention more than two years agoWhen I published this review of another accessory from the same company, the AliveCor Mobile ECG, now called KardiaMobile. At that time it was still in the development phase, and we followed the steps because it really was a very high pointing device. Already in November 2017 we echoed how he had obtained FDA approval in this article. And now, after the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 4, its fame has multiplied to infinity. What does KardiaBand do?

Actually the strap is just an “ornament”, since the device itself is that square metal sensor that you see in the image, and that includes all the technology necessary to perform an ECG, including a battery with 2 years of autonomy (I guess that it will depend on the use you give to the device). By touching the sensor for 30 seconds you can register an ECG that is FDA approved to differentiate between normal and Atrial Fibrillation (AF), the most frequent arrhythmia. There is no connection to the watch, the data is sent by ultrasound to the microphone of the watch and the application installed on it (and on your iPhone) is responsible for interpreting them and converting them into the ECG plot that is registered.

In the same way as with the Apple Watch, This does not mean that you can detect any type of arrhythmia, since it is a very limited ECG having a single derivation. To give you an idea, those that are usually used in medical centers generally have 12 leads. This KardiaBand is useful only for the detection of AF, not other arrhythmias. I repeat, the same goes for the Apple Watch Series 4.

What price is this accessory? It costs $ 199 on the AliveCor website (link), but a premium subscription of $ 99 per year is also mandatory which includes being able to make and store as many ECGs as you want in the cloud, receive monthly reports and be able to send those reports and records to your doctor via email.

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