Koogeek Tensimeter for iPhone, control your health at a good price

Koogeek has quickly become an iPhone accessory brand with a wide catalog that covers products of all kinds and that offers a very balanced quality and price. We have already analyzed their products for HomeKit at very competitive prices, and now it is the turn of an accessory to control our health, or disease, as you look.

This is the Koogeek Blood Pressure Monitor, which in a very simple way and with the guarantee offered by the FDA (American Medicines Agency) certification will control your blood pressure and will record all measurements in your application that, as it could not be otherwise, is compatible with the iOS Health application. We have tried it and we give you our impressions.

One application for all accessories

First of all, what you should do is download The application of Koogeek for all your health accessories, ranging from the tensiometer we analyze in this article to scales, thermometers and muscle stimulators. All accessories can be controlled from the same application, which is interesting if you plan to buy several accessories of this type. The application allows the incorporation of different profiles, so several people can use the accessory without mixing data, saving each record in the corresponding profile.

The link with the tensiometer is very simple, and This model allows you to do it both via Bluetooth and WiFi. I have not found the difference between one and another type of connection, and I opted for the bluetooth link that was more direct. A press on the tensiometer button and in a few seconds I already had the device set to start measuring.

Measuring your blood pressure

The sleeve should be placed without tightening but tightly on the dominant arm (or the one with the highest tension) leaving a couple of fingers of free space until the elbow folds. Sitting with our feet placed on the ground and without crossing, with the forearm resting on a table and with the cuff placed at the same height as our heart, we can start the measurement by pressing the heart that appears on the screen of the application for our iPhone. The cuff will start to inflate and deflate automatically, giving us the measurement just after.

One of the advantages of this Koogeek blood pressure meter is that It has a screen that offers you the measurement data, so you will not need to look at the screen of your iPhone to know what results you have obtained. You can even perform a manual measurement without an iPhone connected, by pressing twice on the tensiometer button once it is correctly placed on your arm. It is something that other models lack and that in certain situations you can take advantage of.

IOS Health Compatible

Such a device must be integrated with Apple's health platform, and Health compatibility is therefore not lacking in the Koogeek application. You can see the measurements from your own application, but also from the native iOS app. This is not only a convenience when viewing data, but also an advantage to be combined with the rest of the data collected by other devices, such as our Apple Watch or other health accessories that we have. The only problem I see in the application is that I want to show a lot of data and browsing through it is not too intuitive, sometimes having to move forward and backward through menus to see what you want.

Koogeek Health




In addition to the 2.2-inch LCD screen in which it shows us the measurement data, the specifications of this Koogeek tensiometer are completed with a battery more than enough to perform daily measurements for a week, a microUSB connector to recharge the device and a power button / manual measurement. The weight of the accessory is quite small (300gr) and the size is small enough to carry in any bag or suitcase without taking up much space. Its price is € 69.99 on Amazon, smaller than most similar devices, and let's not forget that it is FDA certified, so the measurements are accurate enough to be reliable. Also for a limited time (until August 31) with the promotional code 4EH7I9ER when making the purchase, its price will be only € 34.99, take advantage of the offer.

Editor's Opinion

€ 69.99


  • Screen that shows results
  • Simple operation
  • An app for all accessories
  • Integrated in the iOS Health app


  • Improvable plastic buttons
  • Not very intuitive application

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