LEDVANCE announces smart bulbs without hub

It is increasingly common to find smart devices that allow us to control our home directly from our smartphone and also with Homekit compatible. Today we talk about the manufacturer LEDVANCE who has put on sale smart bulbs that do not need a hub to connect to be controlled from a smartphone.

According to the company in this way we can only buy a light bulb and put it into operation from our smartphone without having to make any additional investment, as it happens with the Philips Hue, which need a Hub if or if to connect them to our home smart.

The installation is easy. Enrique the bulb in any lamp of your house, apartment or bedroom. Synchronize with the Home application on your Apple device that is already an integral part of your busy life. Start controlling the light. It's that easy

As reported by the company, these bulbs can be booked today through its website and Amazon but the first units will not reach the market until mid-September. The price of these smart bulbs managed by bluetooth is $ 49.99. As usual, we do not know when they will be available globally worldwide.

These bulbs offer us a functionality very similar to what we can find in the Philips Hue, leaders currently in the market but without the need to connect to a hub, a very important issue and that can turn these bulbs into super sales.

Features include turning it on and off, dimming it, adjusting it from a fresh white to concentrate to a warm white to relax, and changing it to one of millions of colors to quickly and easily complement the decoration of any place. For example, a living room can easily be transformed from a home office to be a task oriented to a fun party room to entertain in seconds.

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