Logitech Crayon, we analyze the cheap alternative to Apple Pencil

We have this Logitech accessory in our hands and we want to analyze if we are really facing a “cheap” alternative to the Apple Pencil or is another one of the many digital pencils present in the market.

In March Apple introduced something more interesting than the 2018 iPad, an accessory with which the iPad "Cheap" could be much more useful, or at least one of the important incentives present in the current iPad Pro. That's how we met Crayon, The Logitech digital pen compatible with the sixth generation iPad. So, do not miss this comprehensive analysis of Crayon

In the Chicago event they took advantage of the stage and the thousands of spotlights to give Logitech a bit of prominence, a firm that has always worked closely with Apple in terms of accessories, this is how we found some of the best keyboard cases for the iPad and many others, it is clear that for Logitech the iPad is a fetish product. East 2018 iPad It is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil, but now a competitor has come out of the apple product, Logitech Crayon, We will take a closer look so you can consider your purchase.

Fits well at hand, Logitech guarantee

If Logitech knows anything about precisely ergonomics, we quickly realize that it is almost nothing like the Apple Pencil, starting because the first one is completely round, while the Logitech Crayon is rather oval, while it has two faces completely flat, we find two rounded and thinner faces. However, we could say that It is not "small", but at least it is light, from my point of view, a totally indispensable characteristic to offer good results in long days of drawing or writing.

  • Measurements: 163 x 12 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 20 grams

It is manufactured in silver anodized aluminum for the body, while the first part of the tip is made of orange polycarbonate and the tip is made of a material that quickly reminds us of the Apple Pencil. The rear part has the small rubber button with which we will light it made of rubber, as well as a rubber cap covering the connection Lightning that will allow us to load it. It is clear that we are faced with a product that is less versatile and durable. Thus, Logitech "guarantees" that It is able to calmly withstand 1.2 meter falls. It should be noted that this flattened design has a reason: it will not fall off the table when we leave it perched at any angle.

No delay and absolute compatibility

The pencil does not offer any delay in writing, in iPhone News we have tested it in several different applications (such as Notes and Notability) and offers exactly the same results in all. An important detail is that it detects the palm of the hand or the rest of the components other than the pencil so as not to cause problems, the only pencil next to the Apple Pencil capable of doing this in an iOS product. As you can see in our video analysis, It doesn't matter if you rest your hand completely, it will only write or draw the area of ​​the screen where the tip of the Crayon has slipped, and this is really necessary in a product of these characteristics.

You quickly realize that here Apple has worked hand in hand with Logitech when you realize how easy it is to make it work. We simply have to press the button power for two seconds and start interacting on the iPad with the pen, without previous configuration, without linking anything via Bluetooth or any wireless technology, this will quickly remind you of AirPods if you are a user of them, it is to take it out and start working, this is very important to allow you to work in the shortest possible time.

Autonomy and charging mechanism

The device has a Lightning connection covered with rubber, this is a very favorable point, because we will be able to use the same cable that we use to charge the iPad with the intention of providing autonomy to our Crayon, but it also has some other negative point, such as Logitech It has decided not to include in the package the Lightning cable necessary to charge it, much less a power adapter. Being a female and not male Ligthning system (as in the Apple Pencil) this means that we will need the charger and the cable with no other choice, unlike the Apple Pencil can be charged by connecting it directly to the iPad without any problem.

The battery according to the firm ensures up to 7 uninterrupted hours of operation, capable of reaching up to 30 minutes of use with a charge of only two minutes. The reality is that it is not surprising that such a product is capable of offering such autonomy. The LED indicator will notify us of the amount of battery, totally green if we have more than 10%, red if we have less than 10% and blinking if we are below 5%. In addition, to save battery power it will automatically turn off thirty minutes after stopping using it.

How is Apple Pencil different from Logitech Crayon?

We have no choice but to rival one product with another, so we are going to put them face to face and take a look to see what are the big differences between the Logitech device and of course the acclaimed by the Apple Pencil specialists.

The design, shape and weight

Meanwhile he Apple Pencil offers a size of 175.7mm long by 8.9 millimeters in diameter offering almost 21 grams, in the Logitech Crayon we found 163 x 12 x 8 millimeters for 20 grams, and it is that one is totally round (the Apple Pencil) while the Logitech Crayon is flattened in two of its faces. What Logitech intends with this is to ensure that the pencil does not fall out when we place it on the table if the desk is for example slightly raised as it happens in many schools. From my point of view, Logitech's design is more successful in terms of durability, but Apple's is more comfortable at hand.

The same goes for manufacturing materials, and while the Apple Pencil is made entirely of the same plastic material as for example the AirPods case, the Crayon is made of aluminum and accompanied by rubber, without a doubt the challenge of durability will be taken by Logitech in this case.

Ease of use and connection

While the Apple Pencil must be linked and unlinked from a single iPad, whether compatible Pro models or iPad 2018, The Logitech Crayon is able to synchronize with any sixth generation iPad only by pressing the power button for two seconds and proceeding to use it. Again, although the Apple Pencil is more precise in connection, the Logitech Crayon is more versatile.

For its part, The Logitech Crayon does not have a write pressure sensor, a feature that makes Apple Pencil so special, totally necessary for professional use. For its part, the Logitech Crayon emulates this functionality through its tilt system.

Autonomy and charging system

Here we have a clear winner, while the Apple Pencil can be loaded with any Lighning port, because it has a male Lightning, the Logitech Crayon only has a female socket for the same connection, this means that we will require the cable and the iPad charger, and … does anyone have a Lightning cable left over? Because to me never. In addition, the Logitech Crayon does not include it in the box.

Another beneficial section thanks to this is that you can charge it directly on the iPad, whether or not you are near an outlet. For its part the Logitech Crayon offers 7 hours of autonomy giving thirty minutes of use with two minutes of charging. On the other hand Apple Pencil guarantees us 12 hours of autonomy with a charge, and up to 30 minutes with only 15 seconds connected, here is a clear winner.

Editor's Opinion



  • Without charging cable
  • Single orange color

What I liked least about Logitech Crayon It is precisely that it has not included at least one Lightning charging cable in the device, if you have the iPad and the Crayon without battery you will have to wait a while to use them, among other things. That it is only offered with excessively striking orange colors also does not convince me, it is clear that the pencil will not go unnoticed.

The best


  • Materials and design
  • Absolute compatibility
  • Price

What I liked most about this Logitech Crayon is that in a simple glance you ensure the quality of the components, it is designed to last, you will not shed tears with an accidental fall. In the same way it offers spectacularly good results at the level of operation and the synchronization and commissioning system is not more complicated than that of any standard pencil without technological components.

You can get the Logitech Crayon on its own website from 71.99 euros, or 69.95 euros on the Apple website, although Apple expects discounts for students in the future that leave it at approximately 49 euros. For now it is not available on Amazon.

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