Logitech MK850, the ideal choice for both Mac and iOS [REVIEW]

Logitech remains at the forefront in terms of accessories in electronics and more specifically for PC. A few days ago we talked about the keyboard and mouse combination that Logitech has christened MK850 and is thinking for those who spend a large part of the day sitting at the computer. And how We could not pass without trying it, we are going to tell you what is special about this keyboard and mouse combination that has attracted the attention of professionals. As a main feature, we want to highlight that this combination has “multi-device” capabilities, which will allow you to use it in both iOS and macOS quickly and easily. And it is that no detail escapes in this peculiar keyboard that is accompanied by the best mouse. We go there with our analysis.

We will then analyze carefully what are the main features of the Logitech MK850, how it works at the performance level and if it really worth the more than 100 euros it costs.

Technical specifications of the Logitech MK850 keyboard

Before we begin with the details of use and design, we will give a good review of its characteristics and technical specifications, purely numerical. Let's start with the keyboard having dimensions of 25 mm X 430 mm x 210 mmTherefore, we cannot say that it is precisely small, however, ergonomics predominates in its design, and comfort will go ahead of a minimalist design. As for the weight of the keyboard will be no less than 733 grams if we take into account the two AAA batteries that it includes.

This uses a Connection Bluetooth Smart in the 2.4 GHz band, with a range of approximately ten meters, with wireless encryption. Identical statistics provided by the mouse. The function Duoink Logitech makes both devices work together, and improves their performance.

From macOS to iOS and vice versa, combined multi-device

It should be noted that we have two connection methods for this Logitech MK850, the first is the classic USB dongle called Unifying that the company has developed to make our experience easier. On the other hand, and how could it be otherwise, it has Bluetooth low energy connection, which will guarantee compatibility with almost any device officially.

The keyboard will be compatible via Unifying with devices with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 And later. At the same time, and what matters most to us, will be compatible with macOS X and finally with the incipient operating system derived from Android, we talk about Chorme OS As for Bluetooth, the range is extended a bit, since thanks to this connection it will be compatible with the aforementioned operating systems and we also add iOS in any version from iOS 5 and Android since version 5.0

As for the mouse, it will run on exactly the same systems as the keyboard, with the proviso that the mouse will not be compatible via Bluetooth with Android or iOS devices.

Easy-Switch, move from your iPad to your Mac with a single key

You will only have to press a button to toggle up to three devices at the same time. That's right, and the three white keys that attract so much attention are designed by and so we can change devices quickly (Easy-Switch technology)In this way, if we are working on our Mac, we can go to the iPhone and iPad only by selecting the number we have assigned, without further complications.

We've been testing it and it's certainly touching the button and changing devices. In the case of macOS we have an application that will allow us to configure the buttons quickly so that they have the same use as the keyboard of the classic Mac. However, once the three devices are attached to the Bluetooth list, we just have to press the assigned key among the three possible ones, and enjoy a fully multi-device keyboard.

Device autonomy and design

Well-deserved Logitech is famous, and it is that they have been manufacturing durable and top quality products for many years, which keep almost all users happy.

As for the materials, Logitech classic, a soft polycarbonate, quite resistant and achieved, which repels stains quite well.

Regarding autonomy, Logitech promises us until 36 months on the keyboard, with its two AAA batteries, and even 24 months on the mouse with its only AA battery. It is an autonomy that we cannot verify, because we have not been using it long enough, but it certainly makes us doubt.

An important part of the keyboard is that it has a numeric section, and considering that it is focused on a professional audience, it could not be otherwise. As for its use, it is quite comfortable. At the beginning the keys have a slightly resistant touch, however with use it adapts quickly to our touches and emits a slightly greater sound.

The individual keys and the keyboard in general They have curvatures and wave-shaped elevation that will make it very easy for us to use it for many hours without getting tired.

Finally, the padded rest that Logitech has been good to include in this MK850 has seemed spectacular, with a really soft textile on the top, with a tone that prevents stains and that seems extremely resistant. Regarding its hardness, I must admit that I had never rested my wrists on an equal keyboard, The inner padding is constructed of a material that could be viscoelastic and that is extremely comfortable.

You can purchase the Logitech MK850 on Amazon from just € 125 in THIS LINK.

An extremely spectacular mouse

We pass the mouse, which has measures of 45 mm x 74 mm x 115 mm, the mouse might seem somewhat more restrained, but we emphasize again that it is designed more for comfort than for mere design. With a total weight of 135 grams including the AA battery that provides power to operate. Something relevant in a mouse is the DPI, we will find a resolution of 1,000 DPI, with an advanced optical tracking that has been patented by Logitech and a total amount of eight configurable buttons.

The wheel is built in aluminum, and has a system that will make the wheel rotate non-stop with a single touch, for when we want to move a lot in a document or page, although if we press a single button it will return to a usual precision system.

Build quality, The ergonomic design and the location of the buttons make it a great alternative for your Mac.

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  • Materials and design
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  • The prints remain
  • The keyboard is excessively light

After several days of use we found this keyboard really spectacular. It goes without saying that perhaps it is not intended for the less demanding public, It is undoubtedly a tool that will make work much easier for those who spend many hours sitting in front of a computer screen., or that will undoubtedly satisfy the most sybarite user.

You can get this Logitech keyboard and mouse combo both in THIS Amazon LINK, or you can go directly to the manufacturer's website to buy it. Definitely, For a professional, this keyboard is one of the best alternatives that can be found in the market, backed by a brand like Logitech, with extensive experience.

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