Looking for the perfect external battery for every occasion

As we are tired of commenting on our podcast or in the articles that talk about the news of the next smartphones, many would change that 20Mpx camera or that curved screen for a battery that would give us for several days on our smartphone or Apple Watch , without having to worry about finding a plug wherever we are. While this happens, in the search for the perfect external battery for my use I have met several candidates that I would like to share with you. What is the best external battery for your iPhone? Better to opt for a case or a “package” style?

Mophie: the leader's guarantee

When you talk about external batteries, the name that comes to mind is necessarily Mophie. It is a brand that has been in this business for years, I at least remember it from my first steps with the iPhone, and It has an extensive catalog of batteries of all kinds of sizes, colors and capacities, although perhaps the best known are its battery cases.

  • PowerStation Mini: despite its small size and thinness it has a capacity of 3000mAh that is more than enough to fully charge even an iPhone 7 Plus. It has a USB port to which you can connect any charger cable, whatever the smartphone or tablet you want to recharge. It also has several LEDs that inform you of the remaining charge. The most interesting is its price, since for little more than € 20 you have it available in Amazon Spain.
  • PowerStation XL: very similar to the previous one but with 10,000mAh capacity, which gives you to charge your iPhone 7 Plus several times completely. It also has two USB connections, so you can charge even two devices at once, such as your iPhone and Apple Watch. It also has LEDs that indicate the remaining charge, and is available in the same colors as the iPhone so that they do not clash. It is usually around € 75 at Amazon Spain.

The official one: a battery case

If what you are considering is an external battery that always goes with you and that you do not have to carry any other cables, without a doubt the option offered by Apple is the one that seems most appropriate, since it combines a silicone case that completely protects your device next to a battery that comes to give you up to 24 hours of navigation using LTE. When using the same iPhone Lightning connector to charge, you don't need to carry any other, which is also an advantage. It is more expensive than the alternatives offered by Mophie, it is true, but personally I like her aesthetic more, although surely not everyone agrees. Of course, it is only available for the iPhone 7, so if you have an iPhone 7 Plus the option of Mophie with its Juice Pack Air is what you are looking for.

Kanex GoPower Watch: versatility

The alternative that Kanex offers us combines a compact size with the versatility of being able to charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone at the same time. The built-in Apple Watch charger to simply place your watch on top of the external battery is an excellent idea to use as a travel charger without having to take twenty cables with us, and at the same time we can use the USB port to charge the iPhone, It has a capacity of 4,000mAh, which gives to charge the Apple Watch up to 6 times and the iPhone 1.5 times. If we do the accounts we could charge the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time without problems. It has a blue circular LED indicator that indicates the remaining charge. You have it available on Amazon for € 119.

Which to choose? It depends on your needs

In my case, what I am looking for is an external battery that can take me when I go to sleep outside the house. If we consider that in addition to my iPhone I have an Apple Watch, I think it is clear that the best option seems to be the Kanex GoPower Watch battery. But if what you want is a battery that you can carry in your pants or bag without it bulking too much, and also that it is economical, the Mophie PoweStation Mini seems the most appropriate, or a battery case, either Apple or of Mophie, although the price is already rising considerably. If you need something with much more capacity to hold you for several days or to charge an iPad, then the PowerStation XL is your ideal choice.

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