Louis Vuitton launches a series of iPhone 7 cases starting at $ 1,180

If you like fashion, you usually wear the latest news and have money, especially the latter, you should know that the company Louis Vuitton has just launched a new range of cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus called Eye-Trunk. These new covers were officially presented last October but it has not been until now when the fashion company has begun to make the first shipments a small group of customers. Louis Vuitton is a company that only manufactures luxury items, so the price of these cases starts at $ 1,180.

All the covers that make up the Eye-Trunk line show us the company logo in different colors. On the one hand we find the traditional dark brown background colors and lighter brown letters, along with the company's usual design. We can also find the Monogram Eclipse model, which shows us gray colors to offer in background and the letters of the company. The Monogran Reverse model shows us the same drawings, but with the light brown as a background and the letters in dark brown. Being a luxury firm, we can also find a model made with crocodile skin.

Inside the covers we find a micro fiber lining to prevent the device from being rubbed or scratched if it falls. The four corners of the case offer protectors to protect the corners of the device. Also in the back we find a kind of closure, simulating the traditional suitcases and trunks of the company, which, for example, have been seen on a large number of occasions in the James Bond movies. The prices of the four models of covers are the following:

  • Monogram, Monogram Reverse and Monogran Eclipse for the iPhone 7: $ 1,180.
  • Monogram, Monogram Reverse and Monogran Eclipse for the iPhone 7 Plus: $ 1,250
  • Case with crocodile skin for iPhone 7: $ 5,050
  • Case with crocodile skin for iPhone 7 Plus: $ 5,500

How long will the Chinese take to copy these covers? Surely in a week or less, the economic version of these covers already begin to circulate.

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