manufacturing Apple products in the US is unfeasible

At the beginning of the year, Donald Trump made some statements in which he assured that would force Apple to manufacture "its damn computers" in the United States. The problem is that at the time, few of us believed that he was going to fulfill his threat for several reasons, one of them that those of Cupertino could not obtain so many benefits if they manufactured their devices outside of China. Now it has been the supply chain from Apple who said that this idea would be impractical.

But before the Chinese supply chain, Apple CEO Tim Cook has already said that the vocational ability to make apple products does not exist in the United States and that its suppliers have already made up the idea of ​​working to meet the challenge of delivering so many devices of such quality. In addition, that Apple tried to satisfy Trump's wishes would not mean that it created jobs in the North American country, all according to Cook.

The Chinese supply chain coincides with Tim Cook: manufacturing Apple products in the United States would be impractical

At first, Apple would manufacture its products in China to save money, but a report said that manufacturing them in the United States would not be much more expensive, adding $ 30-40 to the price of the iPhone. Personally, the statement that "it would not be much more expensive" gives me some grace for the following questions: who would take care of that cost? The users?

In any case, from the moment that Donald Trump gave his speech once he won the election, we all began to understand that the famous tycoon interpreted himself to get to the White House, but that much of what he promised will not come true. An example is to deport many Mexicans, which later changed to deport only some with criminal records. Be that as it may, I only hope that it is not the users who end up paying for the broken dishes.

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