Marques Brownlee, shows us the new iPhone 7 Plus (RED)

Without a doubt we can say that it was one of the first to have the new iPhone 7 in Apple's red color and it has not taken long to share with the rest of the users its particular “unboxing”. In this sense we have to say that the iPhone 7 Plus that we can see in Brownlee's video, adds changes in terms of the device's own case that has the iPhone in red, in addition to the letters with the name of the sides and the logos of the apple also in this color.

The iPhone is internally the same, there are no hardware changes, neither in your camera nor in the accessories added by Cupertino in your iPhone. Of course, we have in this case a small paper more attached with the stickers and basic instructions, which explains above the donation of a percentage of what was obtained by buying this iPhone (RED) Edition, to HIV research.

But let's enjoy or get long teeth with this unboxing and first impressions of the youtuber, Mark Brownlee:

Apple had never added an iPhone in this campaign (RED) in which he has been collaborating for many years and we are glad for it since it is a good cause. While it is true that this model in red is really beautiful as we can see in the images of Apple and in Brownlee's own video, this is very similar to the iPod Touch (RED) with the white front and is that with the front in Black color would have been really spectacular as youtuber also comments or even with the Touch ID ring in red. In principle this will be the only color and we doubt that Apple launches a model with the front in black although aesthetically it could be spectacular.

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