Meizu presents a bluetooth headset luminous cable

As the years go by, the bluetooth headphones are reducing their size to occupy the minimum possible space both in our ear and in our pocket. Apple AirPods and Bragi Dash are two clear examples of the trend that the market is following.

But not everyone is willing to go unnoticed while listening to their favorite music and a clear example is found in the new Halo headphones from Meizu, bluetooth headphones that are accompanied by a luminous cable with which We can call attention to everything we want.

The cable that lights up and connects to the headphones is made of Corning Fibrance fibers, so we can fold them according to our needs, and inside we find diodes of the manufacturer OSRAM who will be responsible for distributing the light throughout the cable. Lighting control is done through a specific application and offers us three modes: steady light, blinking light or that lights up to the rhythm of the music.

According to Meizu, these headphones (which will attract attention especially in rave parties) offer aptX support, so the image is not the only thing that attracts the attention of these headphones. What is especially striking is the command size with which we can also control the volume of reproduction and the lighting mode we want.

The Halo Laser Earphones has a battery capacity of 360 mAh, and they are loaded in just under an hour, with which we can enjoy our favorite music for 15 hours without using the light. If on the contrary, we choose to make ourselves noticed, the battery life stays in just 5 hours. They will reach the Asian market later this month and will be available in blue and red. At the moment we do not know if the company plans to launch these new headphones to the market in Europe, but if they do, they will do so at an approximate price of 125 euros.

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