Microsoft announces Office for Mac 2011. And the iPad?

Microsoft I announced yesterday at MacWorld 2010 the launch of Office 2011 for Mac. Be available at the end of the year and, among its main features, have better tools for team work and improve the cross platform compatibility.

The Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) showed the new version of Office for Mac at the fair. It has been prepared with the feedback of users, who above all claimed power share Easily your documents with coworkers and friends from anywhere and platform. Therefore, have new connections to the Microsoft services to work more effectively, incorporating a user interface that simplify tasks and have a improved compatibility so that documents are viewed correctly regardless of the platform in which they were created.

The news sharing tools of files from Office 2011 allow users to work simultaneously on the same file of Word, Excel or PowerPoint regardless of the platform used. With the new functionality Presence Everywhere (Presence everywhere) work can be tracked in real time and so know who is working directly on the application.

Office 2011 offers connection with Microsoft web applications, which allow documents to be stored in your account Windows Live ID or through technology Microsoft SharePoint. Another big addition is the Ribbon interface. Using the opinions of the users, the known elements have been reorganized, evolving from the galley of Office 2008 and from the bar standard tools. In this way, more than 80% of the most used features are available in the main view of the Interface.

Office for the iPad?

Yes, it is something we are looking at, it states Mike Tedesco, the MacBU Product Manager. The iPad announcement is very recent and I still can't announce or say anything about this today. (…) We have technology for tablets in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista, which automatically detect it and you can use your Office ah. We will see if there is finally adaptation of Office for iPad.