Moon, a surveillance camera that levitates

The rise of video surveillance cameras has made the huge variety of models and brands available leave little room for surprise: water resistance, integrated battery, facial recognition, integration with HomeKit … there is already little room for innovation in this field, or so it seemed, because 1-Ring has surprised us with its Moon camera, which has the possibility of rotating 360º thanks to the fact that it levitates on its base.

A project hosted in Indiegogo that in less than 24 hours got all the money necessary for its foundation, and that has tripled the initial goal that the creators set. A new levitation system on its base that allows you to turn at your whim or before the detection of any noise It is its main distinguishing feature, but it includes much more. All information and video, below.

Moon integrates as we have already told you a 360º rotation system based on levitation on the base and that can be controlled by the iPhone application. But also It has three high-precision microphones that identify the origin of the sound and make the camera rotate in that direction to capture what is happening. It obviously includes other features with Full HD recording, night vision, motion detection, smart notifications, etc.

Compatible with HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Integration with other demotic accessories is guaranteed, but this camera also incorporates an infrared emitter that allows you to control other older devices that use this system, such as televisions, air conditioning machines, etc. It also incorporates humidity, temperature, luminosity and CO2 sensors, which allows you to control the air conditioner or the heating thermostat as required.

The project is still active in Indiegogo, and allows you to save up to 33% of the price that this camera will have when it goes on the market. The camera without other accessories is priced at $ 149 and with the base the price is $ 224, and can also acquire packs with more cameras and other accessories such as a flexible arm. You will find all the information and the possibility of participating in this project in this link.

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