Neato updates its application and robots with more advanced functions

Neato little by little is making its way in our country as an excellent alternative to other brands better known as Roomba. A good value for money and its robot vacuum cleaners with advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and the possibility of controlling them through iOS and Android applications They are its main assets, offering products with functions that in other brands are reserved for models with higher prices.

The latest update for your application is accompanied by a firmware update for your robot vacuum cleaners and brings us a very important novelty for those who already have one of their robots. Neato has added to the D3 Connected and D5 Connected models the cleaning summary made with coverage map, something so far reserved for its superior models

Thanks to this new update that is already available in the App Store and that we can download completely free of charge, Neato now shows us where it has cleaned and where it could not clean the robot during its automatic program. After the update of the iOS application, the robot will ask us to update automatically, and after a couple of minutes we can enjoy these news. The cleaning map is very useful because you can see which rooms or corners have not been able to clean, because an obstacle has been found. In my case one of the bathrooms has not been cleaned because the door was closed.

In addition we will see a graph with the cleaning time and the surface cleaned in total, and that as they accumulate days will accumulate information and show it on it. In addition to these developments, it maintains the ones they already enjoyed, such as alerts on your iPhone, the personalized daily program, the filter, deposit or brush change notices, or the need to move it because it has got stuck with some unwanted item. If you want to see the full review of this Neato D3 Connected you can do it in this article and in the video below.

The Neato robot range offers models in a wide range of prices. The D3 Connected model that I have been using for months and with which I am highly satisfied is currently priced at € 475 on Amazon, although it is also sold in stores like El Corte Inglés, and enjoy interesting offers to throughout the year so it is the ideal products to add to your discount tracking list on Amazon.

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