New covers for iPhone 7 and iPhone SE

In addition to all the news regarding the color of the iPhone 7 itself in red, the iPad and the rest of the news launched by Apple directly on its online website, the Cupertino company has also launched a series of new cases for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and for iPhone SE. In this case it is a question of several colors and materials, but being faithful to what they already had in their catalog with the skin and silicone as the protagonists in terms of the manufacturing material, but with a really varied palette of colors to choose by the user.

The accessories business is always good for any company and more for Apple. It must be clear that most users who buy an iPhone either in the Apple Store online or in the physical Apple store, The first thing they offer us to complete our purchase is a case to protect it and many of us always sting in the purchase. But leaving aside this more personal issue, we will see the different new covers that have been launched at the time of updating the web after almost 6 hours of stopping …

For the model made of silicone we have these new colors available: the light blue, camellia and brown taupe, ranging from 39 euros of the iPhone 7 model to 45 for the Plus model.

In the case of models made of leather, we have available the new colors in: Sapphire blue, Mole brown and Berry, which have a price from 55 euros for the iPhone 7 model, up to 59 euros for the larger model the iPhone 7 Plus.

Then we also have a new model for the iPhone SE, which has also received some changes and from which we also find a new brown case called: Candy Brown, for 45 euros.

The truth is that the translation of some of the names has crumb, but hey, the important thing is that we have new colors available for the iPhone.

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