New patents that will turn the iPhone into a medical device

Since the launch of the Health platform for iOS, Apple has been progressively increasing its participation in medical projects. To this we must also add all the physical activity monitoring functions that are also directly related to health and medicine. It is easy to find medical accessories such as blood glucose or blood pressure meters in Apple stores compatible with the iOS Health app. But Apple's plans seem to want to go further.

According to the latest patents that we have been able to see, the company would be thinking of increasing the capabilities of the iPhone within the measurement of health parameters, without needing any additional accessories. The front camera and proximity sensors could become sensors for health measurements.

The last patent describes how the front camera and the light sensor and proximity of the front of the iPhone could emit light on a part of a person's body (a finger, for example) and those same sensors capture the reflected light, being able to perform heart rate measurements, blood oxygen levels and even blood pressure. They are not very different methods to those that many portable devices use right now, they would simply be placed on the front of our iPhone. A smart way to take advantage of the sensors we already have, which occupy a privileged space on the front of the iPhone and thus could multiply its usefulness.

It also explains in the patent how other sensors could be adapted to the iPhone to perform additional measurements, such as an electrocardiogram (already available through covers like the one we analyzed in this article) or your body composition, including the percentage of fat, water and muscle. As always with these patents, We do not know if you will ever see what appears in them, or if they are simply tests performed for more complex projects that will arrive in the furthest future. Still, Apple's concern for the world of health and medicine is great news for its users.

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