Next year we can see a 6.4-inch iPhone with OLED screen

We are still waiting for the official keynote date of the month of September and some reports of factories involved in the production of OLED screens for Apple, talk about the possibility that this year the boys of Cupertino add 6.4 inch screens on your iPhone.

At present it is being said that the largest iPhone model that they would present this year reaches 5.8 inches of OLED screen, so if the rumors about the 6.4-inch screen are true it would exceed even 6.3 inches of the newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Several sources indicate that the iPhone screen growth is something we will see again in 2018 and is that the trend of new smartphones is to have much more screen in a general size much more content, something that has been seen in the presentations of the new models of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG G6 and other brands today.

The Bell, a South Korean media reported a few months ago that Apple was planning to launch new iPhones with 5.2-inch and 6.4-inch OLED displays for 2018, but in the end the 5.2-inch version would be discarded leaving nothing more than the 6.4-inch version. It is true that these measures may seem very large but the current market demands large screens and once Apple has already made the leap with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus up to 5.5 inches, the rest will come one day or another.

But not everyone likes these large screens and it is clear that they will stay with different sizes as they have always done to satisfy the vast majority of iPhone users. It is also true that we have already seen some rumors of the iPhone of 2018 before but for now let's see what happens with this 2017 model and then we will see what happens with the following, but we all know that the machinery does not stop.

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