OS Power Box, charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even your MacBook

I am a fan of all-in-one chargers, especially those that allow you to have all your devices organized, in charge and without cable messes. TOIn addition to being a useful and necessary solution in most homes where today portable devices with batteries accumulate that must be recharged dailyThey are a perfect solution for those of us who hate cables and want our bedside table or office that is neat and clean.

Enblue Technology is a manufacturer that has already manufactured several of these chargers, and now comes with a new proposal even more compact and versatile. OS Power Box is a charging base with connections for your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and MacBook, including the 15-inch Pro. It is a project still pending to raise the necessary funds in Indiegogo and is a great opportunity to get it at a lower price than it will later go on sale.

As we say OS Power Box is still a project pending to be founded in Indiegogo, Those suspicious of these crowdfunding platforms, among which I include myself, we should not have many doubts since Enblue Technology has already launched several high quality devices, such as the Evolus 3 which we analyze in this article. With OS Power Box the company wants to offer us not only a solution to have at home but that we can take it on a trip and with a single product to be able to recharge all the devices we carry with us, forgetting cables.

OS Power Box already has the Lightning connector for your iPhone and the loading disc for the Apple Watch, you won't have to use your cables. You will only need cables for the two connections on the side, a USB-C type and a conventional USB. In addition the base allows folding the built-in connectors to be very compact and perfect to put in the travel bag, with only 435 grams of weight. It will also be available in two colors: gray and black aluminum.

The price of this new Enblue Technology charging base is $ 105 with the Lightning connector and the Apple Watch disk. If you want it compatible with Android devices its price is lower, only $ 85. The campaign includes other options such as a carrying bag and a portable battery. To see all the purchase options you can access the project page in Indiegogo.

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