Overheating and software problems, the possible causes of the delay of the AirPower base

The AirPower base was introduced more than a year ago, it was right in the presentation of the iPhone X and the Appel Watch Series 3, and accompanied its announcement of an “available in 2018” that left the launch of this product open for a whole year, but that most of us thought would happen in the first quarter of it.

However, time is up and little or nothing is known about this charging base that promised to be able to recharge wirelessly up to three devices simultaneously without having to place them in specific places. The lace was his complete absence in the keynote of the past day 12, and many already think that it is abandoned. What are the problems? Are you moving forward? We tell you below.

Much has been said about the possible causes of the delay in the launch of the AirPower base, from things as absurd as problems with the curvature of the Apple Watch at the bottom (as if Apple engineers sucked their fingers) to even the full abandonment of the project by the company. Sonny Dickson seems to have got exclusive first-hand information and Tell us what the real problems are that Apple is trying to solve.


It seems that it is the main cause and the one that is generating more problems to continue with the project. The base generates too much heat, and this causes the recharge of the devices to be affected as the temperature rises, with the risk that their battery may be affected since heat is the main enemy of these components. But it also affects the internal chip of the base, designed by Apple and running a special version of iOS, and that controls all the operation of the AirPower.

Problems with communication between devices

The AirPower base is not a conventional charging base, and one of the characteristics that differentiate it from the rest is that the iPhone showed the state of charge of the other elements that were also in the base, such as Apple Watch or AirPods. This communication between different devices does not work as it should.


The AirPower base has internal sources of between 21 to 24 loading coils of different sizes placed throughout the base, interspersed with each other, to avoid "blind spots" in which the base does not load the device. If we take into account that some loading bases claim to have two loading coils, we can realize the engineering challenge that this entails. This special arrangement of the coils seems to be the one that generates heat problems and also interference.

It seems that engineers do not find the solution to this problem unless the base increases in size or becomes thicker, and Apple has not yet decided if it wants any of the two decisions because it wants to respect the design of the base to the fullest.

No news from the AirPower base

The end result is that there is hardly any reference on the Apple website to this AirPower base that they showed us a year ago, and this makes many suspect that Apple has canceled the project. According to this information referred to in the article, Apple is not clear yet what it will do, if you try to solve these problems or start from scratch and create a different product that inherits the name of AirPower. The question is … did you not know these problems when they presented it?

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