Patent for an iPhone to record thieves and save their tracks

IOS devices include a feature that will allow us to locate an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad if we have lost it. This security function is light years away from other software such as iCaughtU, a Cydia tweak that takes pictures with the front camera from which you enter our code or fingerprint incorrectly. But one new patent Apple suggests that, once again, those of Cupertino will rely on some jailbreak to improve the software of their mobile devices.

The patent in question is called “Biometric capture of unauthorized user identification” and describes a system that would take photos, video and save the traces of unauthorized users, which could help the police to capture the thief, as long as the terminal had been stolen.

Patent suggests that iCaughtU will arrive on iPhone

The device would determine whether to capture biometric information in response to the use of one or more conditioners. These conditions could be part of other instructions of one or more electronic devices, detection of a potential unauthorized use of a device and other factors. The device would store the information locally biometric, what could be a fingerprint, one or more photos of the unauthorized user, user video, environmental sounds and other legal information. The information collected could also be sent to one or more authorized users.

A report published in 2014 ensured that the activation lock (Activation Lock) of iOS 7 dramatically reduced iPhone theft. Supposedly, thieves would not be willing to take the risk of stealing a phone that they could not sell in the future. If Apple includes this function in the official version of iOS, without having to use jailbreak, it is likely that iPhone theft will go down even more, something completely understandable.

As we always say, that a patent has been registered does not mean that we will see it on a device in the future, but it serves to know in which direction a company works. In my opinion, it is something that they should include in a future iOS version. And not only Apple would have to do it, but all mobile phone manufacturers or their software. Anything so that these types of criminals do not get their way and earn money with what is not theirs.

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