Pebble updates its smartwaches by adding support for iOS reminders

Do you remember Pebble?, was one of the most famous smartwatches, one of the first. A smartwatch that was born as a Kickstarter project and that soon got a great popularity becoming one of the most collected Kickstarter projects.

Pebble has just updated the firmware of its Pebble 2 and Time-Series smartwatches, adding faster interface operation, improvements in the tracking of our vital signs, and support for iOS reminders.

Improvements in the reading of our pulsations

First of all, tell you that in addition to everything we've told you, Pebble adds in this new version, firmware version 4.3, a new watchface to the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time-Series, a new watchface that includes in addition to the time, a step counter, the progress of our daily activity, and the state of our pulsations, Do you sound any other smartwatch with these complications?

The Pebble 2 will also show us the ranges of pulsations between which we have been, something useful since thanks to these scales it will show us in what range we can spend more calories, and what should be the optimal ranges for our fitness, showing us the time we have been within these values. Some improvements that can also be used by application developers such as Runkeeper since the famous running app will show us our cardiac state as we do the different activities that we propose.

The Reminders iOS finally arrive at Pebble

As we say, it is also added support for iOS reminders, yes, the most interesting is the possibility of add reminders with our voice and that these synchronize with the Pebble timeline and the iOS Reminders app. To update it, you just have to have the latest version of the Pebble app and then go to the app's menu to see the possibility of updating our Pebble within "Support".

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