Pegatron is willing to produce the iPhone in the United States if Apple runs the costs

Throughout the American election campaign, which we all know Donald Trump won, many have been Trump's mentions regarding the manufacture of products in the country, something that very few companies do today. But after the election of Trump many have been the companies that They are seeing the possibility of moving the manufacturing of their devices to the United States, a movement that would generate jobs but that would increase their price, a cost that the final customer would have to pay.

Foxconn and Pegatron are currently in charge of iPhone manufacturing. A few weeks ago Foxconn began studying the possibility of opening a factory in the United States to satisfy Trump, a study that quickly ended when he saw the great costs that this would entail. But he's not the only one, since Pegatron says he could also move production without any problem to the United States, as long as Apple takes care of all costs, something that logically is not willing to pay.

Apple has justified the relocation of production to China claiming that there is a more qualified workforce in the country than in the United States, a silly and absurd excuse to look where you look and not even believe Tim Cook. Despite the impetus with which Trump wants American companies to manufacture in the country, he is aware of the expenses that it would entail. To try to compensate for these expenses, the government would be willing to perform certain advantageous conditions when it comes to taxation. At the moment it does not seem that this problem has a quick solution so it is more than likely that we will continue talking about it in the coming months / years.

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