Periscope also allow you to save emissions for more than 24 hours

For some time now, Periscope has become one of the most used applications by all users who also used Twitter, to whom this application belongs. Quickly and in view of the popularization of this new service, Facebook friends quickly went to work on a copy of this service to offer it to all users of the social network.

A few months after the launch of Periscope, Facebook already had its alternative ready, baptized with the name Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows us to make live broadcasts from where we are and talk later on our wall to share it with our followers once time has passed.

But with Periscope we couldn't do it, at least until now. So far once we finish a live broadcast, Twitter stored that video for 24 hours only, and during that period we could consult both us and our followers as many times as we wanted, something counterproductive with the interests of Twitter to keep users as long as possible in their applications.

Fortunately, from Twitter they have realized that It is a major inconvenience for application growth and they have just updated the service to be able to store all the videos we create with the Periscope application indefinitely. This decision has been taken to be able to stand up to Facebook Live, which as we all know does not erase anything from the post or write.

The automatic saving of the videos we broadcast is still in beta, so it is likely that at some point it will not work as it should. To be able to chat the videos we broadcast we must add before the streaming title #save, in this way all the videos will discuss the links that have been published on Twitter and will be stored forever in our account.

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