Philips introduces new accessories for the Hue lighting range

There is little more than a week left so that we can attend the new Apple Keynote, a Keynote in which in addition to the new devices we can see news about all Apple development kits, including the HomeKit. And what is better than being able to use our devices to control, among other things, our own home … Something that happens thanks to the HomeKit, and the lighting control of our house This is probably the most interesting thing that this Apple HomeKit bridles.

Without a doubt, the intelligent lighting system that we like the most is the Philips Hue, the smart light bulb system created by the Philips guys. A system fully compatible with the Apple HomeKit, that is, you can control it completely with your iDevices. A system, the Philips Hue that is slowly adding new devices, and this is what the guys just did Philips. And they just presented new products and accessories. After the jump we give you all the details of these new accessories compatible with the Philips Hue …

Without doubt the most interesting accessory that we can find in this renovation is a new ceiling lamp designed for our kitchens, a lamp that reaches the 3000 lumens and that is intended to be the main lamp of a kitchen, yes, it costs $ 230, although due to its characteristics we are not facing an extremely expensive accessory. They have also presented new bulbs to be used in ceiling lamps, such as those with built-in fans, pretty aesthetic light bulbs which we will not care if they are in sight.

All this together with the renovation of the classics Starter Kits which will now include four traditional A19 bulbs, so that we can start in the Hue world. Some very interesting options that will make you discover all the possibilities of Apple HomeKit, and in our view they are probably the best option to start in home automation.

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