Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100, True Wireless comes to sport

The wireless headphones have already conquered the users, and the strange thing is to see people using wired headphones on their smartphone in the street. Leaving behind the controversies about the sound quality or if you have to eliminate the headphone jack or not, what can not be denied is that the comfort offered by the absence of cables compensates for other possible shortcomings, especially when it comes to sports.

Taking another step towards the absence of cables we find the so-called "True Wireless" (true wireless), with the AirPods as a reference. Ideal for sports, however there are hardly any models of this type that are designed precisely for this type of activity. Plantronics comes to the rescue of those who want the maximum comfort offered by these headphones with its new model BacBeat Fit 3100 We have tried and we tell you our impressions.

Design and features

They are extremely similar to the BackBeat Fit 2100, in fact we could say that they are about 2100 to which the cable that goes from the earpiece has been removed (it would be as true as saying that the AirPods are the EarPods cutting the cable). Virtually all its structure is made of a soft silicone that makes them extremely comfortable to wear. From the ear hook to the earpiece that is inserted into your ear canal, this soft and soft material is which allows them to remain perfectly fixed to the ear without fear that they can fall with the practice of any sport. It is a material also resistant to sweat and water, they are not intended for you to swim with them, of course, but you should not fear that it will rain with them on (IP57).

They have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters, and have a range of 5 hours of listening, which you can increase 10 more hours thanks to the case-charger included. It is not a case that is designed to always carry in your pocket, but it is perfect to carry your headphones well stored in your bag or backpack, and always have them fully charged when you are going to use them. The materials in the case are good and it protects the headphones very well. You should not be afraid of accidentally falling on the floor, which is much appreciated in a product of this type.

The case, as we indicated before, offers you up to 10 hours more battery to your headphones. It has four LEDs that indicate the remaining battery by pressing the inner button, and with a 15-minute recharge you can enjoy an hour of using the headphones. Placing them is very simple, I just find it a bit strange that the headset on the left is the one placed on the right in the case, and the one on the right on the left, but it's something you get used to quickly. A microUSB connector located on the back serves to recharge (and headphones) with a cable that you can carry inside the case itself, also a great idea.

Using headphones

These BackBeat Fit 3100 have a button each on their body, differentiating between pressing (click) and touching the surface. The left earphone is the one that takes care of the volume, a touch and rise, touching and holding down. If you press and hold for a few seconds it turns off (or turns on). The right is the main headset, and by clicking we can accept or hang up calls, start or pause a play, or invoke Siri and turn off / on if we keep a few seconds. With two click we advance track and with three we go back. The headphones have automatic on and off when removed from the case and placed back in it, so we can forget about those controls to turn off and on except for very specific occasions.

We can also expand these controls thanks to the BackBeat application that you have available both in iTunes (link) and Google Play (link). We can modify the touch control of the left earphone to control the volume, as indicated above, or to do other actions such as playing our favorite music list from Apple Music or Spotify, or to invoke Siri if we play twice. Through this application we can also change the language of the voice that indicates the remaining battery or if we are linked to our iPhone, and we will receive the firmware updates that Plantronics sends us.

Sound quality

These are sports headphones, designed to enjoy outdoor activities, and that means that they prioritize our safety over sound. Why do i say this? Because if you are looking for headphones that isolate you from outside noise and immerse you in the music you are listening to, this is not your model. Similar to what happens with AirPods, with these headphones you will hear everything around you, essential if you want to run or cycle abroad. In noisy environments such as a gym, this can be an inconvenience, but I insist, they are designed especially for outdoor use.

The sound quality is good, maybe it can be put to the point that the bass is not too flashy, but they are present. Taking into account that they lack noise reduction we can rate their sound as good, with more than enough power (I usually use them at just over half the volume). The signal is very stable, and only a couple of times in places where there were many people with many mobile devices I noticed that the sound disappeared from one of the headphones for a few moments, something relatively normal and that even with the AirPods it has happened to me on occasion in the same conditions.

Editor's Opinion

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3100 headphones are designed to practice all kinds of sports with them, and more than meet this goal. With more than enough autonomy to endure long sessions, and even fast charging that gives you an hour of use with only 15 minutes of recharging, you will never find that they have no battery thanks to its charger-case that is included in the box. They are extremely comfortable and you will hardly notice that you are wearing them, and it is practically impossible for them to fall with their fastening system. Their sound quality is good, although they do not intentionally insulate from the outside. If you were looking for something similar to the AirPods but prepared for sports, you will not find a better candidate. Its price is € 149.99 on the official Plantronics website (link), and they are available in black and gray.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 149


  • Very comfortable and safe with its fastening system
  • Customizable touch controls
  • Sound good but perceiving the outside
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • 5 hours of autonomy with case that offers 10 more hours

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