Radio Colombia brings Colombian radios to your iPhone

Undoubtedly radio applications are fixed on the iPhones of most users, since the fact that Apple did not include a radio tuner has led to digital Internet broadcasts have grown significantly and therefore it becomes necessary Have one of these apps for listening on our favorite mobile. And now it's the turn of Colombian radios.


The Radio Colombia application offers all Colombians the possibility of tracking radio broadcasts from the iPhone with the greatest comfort. The design used integrates perfectly with the aesthetics of iOS that we have been seeing in recent years and the interface is really easy to use, being therefore an application suitable for absolutely all audiences. In addition, the app is compatible with VoiceOver, which allows people with disabilities or visually impaired use.

We can find popular radios such as “the 40 Main”, “Caracol”, “RCN” or “W Radio”, in addition to a large list of international radios in the advanced version of the application. All radios connect almost instantaneously, although we must keep in mind at all times that the transmission will depend on the reception and the plan of our iPhone for proper performance, and we may sometimes have cuts if for example we have limited data or coverage Poor in the area where we are.

At all times

Radio Colombia takes advantage of the technologies that Apple makes available to developers, which is why the application is fully compatible With multitasking in the background – you can continue listening to the radio even with other apps or mobile in standby – as well as with 3D Touch in the case of the most advanced generation of iPhones. On the other hand, it is a Universal application synchronizable with iCloud, so if you have an iPad or an iPod touch you can use the same application with the same settings in a completely transparent way.

The download of the application is completely free for any user, although they give us the possibility of acquiring an advanced version that gives us features that are interesting but not essential, such as an automatic sleep timer or removal of some ads visuals that appear occasionally while using the application. It may be interesting for the most loyal users of the app, but if you use it eventually it may not be as profitable.

Our assessment

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The application is no longer available in the App Store

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