Readdle updates PDF Expert with a new document viewer

The evolution of applications to view documents on iOS is being quite plausible in recent years. The creation of new tools by Apple to manage the documents of different storage clouds suggests that in the future we have a kind of Preview on our iPhones.

In the meantime we need a powerful application that overcomes the lack of iOS in this regard. PDF Expert It is one of the required apps for those who manage many documents throughout the day. Readdle is very committed to update your app and this time They have added a new document viewer and a storage cloud management system.

PDF Expert innova: transport documents from one cloud to another

Few applications have an update as periodic as PDF Expert. The time that Readdle is investing in improving the application can be reflected in the new features that appear from version to version. They were one of the first apps that introduced the function drag and drop before Apple introduced it on iOS 11, so it’s a sign that Work is being done to improve PDF Expert.

Today the app has been updated including very interesting news, especially if you work hard with the application in addition to managing documents from different storage clouds. Is the version 6.3.1 and these are the novelties included in it:

  • New document viewer: With this new mode we can view the PDF as if it were a magazine or book with two pages on the screen. This can be rare for those iPads that have a small size, but on the iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9 inches it looks spectacular
  • Document management in the cloud: With this update we can manage documents from different websites from PDF Expert. In addition, we can drag and drop files from one cloud to another to transfer files between them. In this way, we will save having to download it locally, and then have to upload it to the destination storage cloud.
  • New tools for cloud management: Not only that, but the possibility of adding documents to favorites has been included, whatever the cloud is, you will always have at hand that document that you always need so much.

Readdle PDF Expert (AppStore Link)

Readdle PDF Expert

Readdle Inc.4.5

€ 10.99

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